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This hottie from cherry ol’ England is a 6’1″ Instagram model and fitness instructor. Like other Famousss stars Jeffree Star and James Charles, Carl Cunard is an out and proud homosexual. He has 641,000 followers on @carlcunard Instagram account to follow his adventures with his dog, Carter Cunard. Carter has an Instagram account @carterchowchow with over 65k followers. Additionally, this 30-year star has over 1 million followers on his @carlcunard TikTok account, making Carl Cunard a staple in the world of the Famousss. 

Carl Cunard’s Net Worth

Carl is still getting his empire running. However, our boy is already is making strides. While he’s not making bank yet, Carl Cunard has a net worth of $10,000. 

Carl Cunard’s net worth is expected to grow exponentially by the time 2022 rolls around. He’s already starting to capitalize on his newfound brush with the Famousss. 

You can catch Carl repping for brands, including:

And More!

Carl also makes a living as a fashion mode. He uses the hashtag #mensfashion in many of his posts. Carl also does editorial pics and is working on diversifying his portfolio to break out into the mainstream fashion scene. 

He connects with his audience through the official Carl Cunard YouTube channel. The Carl Cunard YouTube page has almost 75k subscribers as of July 2021. His average video gets 4,000 to 6,000 views. So, Carl earns some income from YouTube ads. 

Many people are going back to watch old content as he gets more discovered. Therefore, he’s about to start ranking in some serious YouTube ad bank. 

Carl also creates content on his YouTube page specifically for sponsors. He partnered with ALTR to create a 6-minute video about his morning routine

Carl Cunard’s Family & Early Life 

Carl Cunard was born on February 23, 1991, in Leicester, England. This Pisces grew up close to his family, especially his mother. He features her in many of his videos, including his ads. 

Carl was always a fitness fanatic. He was popular growing up, especially with the girls. However, Carl knew he was different deep down. Carl came out as gay as a teenager. His family wasn’t surprised and supported him every step of the way. 

Carl Cunard’s Rise to Fame

Once Carl graduated from high school, he lived with his family in London, England. He decided he needed to find himself and started living on his own. 

During this time, Carl started vlogging about his health and fitness routines. People loved watching the star’s body get sculpted with time. Plus, his British accent makes people swoon. 

Eventually, Carl started gaining a following. However, his status blew up to Famousss when he adopted his chow chow dog, Carter, in 2020. 

Carl started coordinating outfits between the two. It was a hit. People were enamored with this adorably fluffy dog. Plus, they wanted to check out the equally adorable dad who matched him. 

Once Carl launched his TikTok, things exploded. His page has a total of 15.8 million likes and counting. Therefore, his videos are a regular in the FYP feed.

Carl Cunard’s TikTok videos averag23 million views. It features a summer fashion show between Carl and Carter. This video has over 2.5 million likes and 17.4k comments. 

Carl Cunard’s Relationships

Carl Cunard is currently single. However, he is open to being in a relationship. He’s been single for nine years now.

As Carl explains in the video Falling In Love Is Hard | Finding The Perfect Man,

“When it comes to dating, it’s still not my strongest area. I’ve definitely been on a journey, and i”m still on that journey right now, and I still have issues.”

After a failed relationship, Carl didn’t want to go down a toxic route of sleeping around. He created standards in his head of what he wants in a man. Carl refuses to give in and lower his standards.

“The first 5, 6 things have to do with looks. I know it sounds shallow, but it’s not who I am.”

He explains that the looks at the first interaction you have with a person. When he can’t get past the physical attraction, he never gets to the point of looking deeper into who that person is. 

Carl is on dating apps but doesn’t usually meet people. He’s scared of going on dates. Carl believes there’s a weird pressure to be interested in someone if you agree to go on a date. 

He doesn’t want to let people down if he doesn’t enjoy them after a date. Carl wishes he can know if he liked them before the meeting, which he knows is almost impossible. 

Right now, Carl’s just focusing on his career. However, we’ll keep you updated if Carl Cunard gets off the market soon.

Carl Cunard’s Rumors & Controversies

Carl Cunard is still new to the world of the Famousss. There arent’ any known controversies or rumors about Carl Cunard. However, give this 20-year-old time. There’s plenty of years to make a name for himself along his peers in the Famousss. 

Other Notable Facts About Carl Cunard 

Carl wakes up at the same time every day at 6:00 AM. The first thing he does is check his social media. He also makes sure that he listens to at least ten minutes per day of an ebook. Carl likes to learn new things to keep his mind sharp. 

Eggs and avocados are Carl Cunard’s favorite breakfast meals. 

Carl is a huge fan of wearing makeup. He regularly does tutorials and makeup shows on his YouTube channel. 

Carl Cunard makes a lot of content with his best friend, Ellisa Ronson.

After the pandemic, Carl Cunard went on a vacation to Dubai. He was in a bad place mentally. Going on this vacation gave him the mental enrichment that he needed. It pushed him to do a detox that helped him refresh and start creating content again in early 2021. 

Carl Cunard met Zac Efron via FaceTime during a Hugo Boss event that Carl was hosting. He got to interview Zac, which was a highlight in Carl’s career. 

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