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Carissa Alvarado – Famousss.com Carissa Alvarado – Famousss.com

Carissa Alvarado

Carissa Alvarado

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Los Angeles, California

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This Filipino American is a MILF and recording artist that is taking the world of the Famousss by storm. Along with her husband, Michael, Carissa Alvarado is a Los Angeles, California native who is one-half of the folk band Us The Duo. This 5’6″ singer blew up when Oprah booked them for a tour. Now, 374k people follow her @carissaalvarado Instagram account. Plus, she has 468k likes on her @carissa_alvarado TikTok account. We’re all waiting to see what this brown-haired, brown-eyed beauty does next!

Carissa Alvarado’s Net Worth

This musician is starting to make her path among the Famousss. It has been a slow and steady climb for Carissa Alvarado. She has worked hard over the last decade to make her music career a resounding success. Now, this work is starting to pay off. Carissa Alvarado’s net worth is $150,000, and it is expected to become more in the coming months. 

Most of Carissa Alvarado’s earnings come from being a part of the folk musical group called Us the Duo. Us the Duo features Carissa Alvarado and her husband, Michael Alvarado. The twosome is currently signed to Rastonea Records. 

They have over 1.5 million monthly listeners on the official Us the Duo Spotify page. You can also download their music on Apple Music. Plus, they have a Deezer page

Most of their listens come from the official Carissa Alvarado YouTube page. This channel has 56.8k subscribers. Their most-watched video is called Near or Far – Carissa Rae Alvarado

The @Carissa_Alvarado TikTok account has 32.4k followers. Through this platform, she’s starting to get some serious FYP action.

Also, her @Carissa_Alvarado Instagram account has 374k followers. This account has earned her some serious ad endorsements. 

She has been seen repping for big-ticket brands, like:

Lastly, Carissa Alvarado is a published author. Her book is called Beneath Our Skin. 

Carissa Alvarado’s Early Life & Family

Carissa Martin was born on January 10, 1991, in Los Angeles, California. This Capricorn was raised in a devout Christian family, much like Famousss star Kelly Wonderlin.

Carrissa Alvarado has a younger brother by the name of Bam Martin. Being Famousss must be in the family’s genes. Bam Martin would follow his sister’s footsteps into the limelight. He is a famous dancer that has traveled the world, perfecting his craft. 

We don’t know much about Carissa Alvarado’s family or upbringing. We do know that she is close with her parents. 

This Filipino American started singing in the church choir at the age of five. This moment laid the groundwork for what be the rest of her career.

Carissa Alvarado’s Rise to Fame

Carissa Martin’s career kickstarted when she met her husband, Michael Alvarado. The two would both make music together right away.

They kept honing their craft, finally catching their big break in 2014. The Alvarados grew in popularity due to their Vines. 

Their popularity caught the eye of Oprah. Their song No Matter Where You Are was featured in The Book of Life. The talk show mogul asked Us the Duo to join her 2014 tour. The rest was history.

Us the Duo got signed to Republic Records. This relationship opened the door for the folk duo to open for Pentatonix during their 2016 World Tour.

Us the Duo hit:

  • London
  • Paris
  • Prague
  • Rome
  • Tokyo
  • And More

In 2018, Us the Duo auditioned for America’s Got Talent. While they made it far in the process, the married couple never made it to the actual competition. They made it to the semifinals in casting.

Carissa Alvarado’s Relationships

Carissa Alvarado and Michael Alvarado got married in 2012. Michael is a North Carolina native that is of Puerto Rican descent. 

He graduated from Appalachian State University. Like Carissa, he started singing at a young age. Michael started singing at 7 and had a garage band in his teenage years. 

The couple met in Los Angeles, California, in 2011. They were both on the set of an AJ Rafael music video. 

Michael and Carissa Alvarado have a daughter. Xyla Rose Alvarado was born in October 2018. Her Instagram account is @xylaalvarado and has 125k followers. 

Carissa Alvarado’s Rumors and Controversies

Carissa Martin, or shall we say, Carissa Alvarado, was raised a good Christian girl. She’s not going to get herself in trouble, especially since she is a happily married mama of 2.

This 30-year-old star has been married for over ten years. Their careers are already on a great path. It is highly unlikely Carissa Alvarado is going to get herself in trouble. However, if the 5’6″ star gets a little wild, we’ll keep her eye out for it and be sure to let you know every juicy detail.

Other Notable Facts About Carissa Alvarado

Carissa Alvarado grew up idolizing Michael Jackson. He was a significant reason why she decided to break into the music industry. 

Carissa used to give makeup tutorials. However, it didn’t really resonate with her. She decided to leave those types of things for other Famousss stars, like Tati Westbrook or Jeffree Star. 

Natasha Bedingfield’s Pocket Full of Sunshine is one of Carissa Alvarado’s favorite songs. 

Bring It On is one of Carissa Alvarado’s favorite movies. 

Carissa Alvardo’s first solo single is called If Time Stood Still. It was released in 2021.

Carissa Alvarado was a big fan of Kim Possible growing up. 

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