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Bunny Girl – Famousss.com Bunny Girl – Famousss.com

Bunny Girl Sara

Sara Matar

Also known as

Bunny Girl



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Going by the real name of Sara, Bunny Girl has been a part of the YouTube world since 2013 and has accumulated 321k subscribers to date. This half-Lebanese and half-Bosnian goddess has lived most of her life in the Middle East and currently runs 2 YouTube channels, one strictly for gaming videos (secondary channel- Bunny Plays) and her main channel which includes discussions about gaming, answering questions and even hilarious reaction videos to various trailers/games. She posts a new video every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

Sarah has almost exclusively switched over to Twitch for live streaming, playing mostly RPG and FPS games. Regardless, you will know it’s her because she is notorious for wearing cat and bunny ears during her plays sometimes. Just something else to add to her hotness.

Bunny Girl Pictures​

Sara is just absolutely stunning, as she really brings out her Lebanese-Bosnian background with all the selfies she takes. She loves enjoying life and staying fit and that beautiful smile can attract anyone.

Bunny Girl Videos​

As of lately, it is her reaction videos to various games, movie trailers, etc. that have really caught her viewers’ attention. Her voice tones, facial expressions, and of course that sexy accent, make it all worth the watch.

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