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Kyle Giersdorf (born: December 30, 2002 [Age: 16] is the first-ever Fortnite World Cup winner. The sixteen-year-old brought home three million dollars in an impressive game. Still fairly new to the scene, the Sentinels player has a bright future ahead of him.

Bugha Early Beginnings 

The Pennsylvania native is still in the beginnings of his career. In fact, he is still enrolled in his High School and has every plan of seeing his studies through to the very end. Sure, he will probably end up like most eSports gamers and drop out of college to pursue a career in front of the livestream. However, Kyle understands the importance of finishing high school and having that foundational education in his back pocket.

While eSports players can make a lot of money, the industry is continuing to grow. Nobody knows this better than Bugha. He started his streaming career a little less than four years ago. The budding star started his streaming endeavors on February 12, 2015.

As soon as he started streaming, Bugha was bitten by the Fortnite bug. It was obvious to the soon-to-be sensation that this was the avenue that would have the most returns. The game continued to gain in popularity. Naturally, those who streamed it saw huge bumps in audience numbers. Bugha was one of those people. That is why he dedicated his time to perfecting his craft on the game.

Quickly, Kyle was sought after by numerous teams. He decided to sign on with a lesser-known entity. Bugha became a card-carrying member of the alliance known as Sentinels. The procurement of Bugha would end up being a life-altering decision for the Sentinels, as they would soon see when the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers kicked off.

Bugha Solos Fortnite Qualifiers

Kyle was really starting to catch the eye of the Fortnite community. He quickly became notorious for his low ping levels. These talents didn’t go unnoticed when he entered the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers. He not only walked out of the events seeded in the annual tournament but the future star also had the distinction of being the best ping throughout the Qualifier competition.

Thanks to his low pings, the star had a solid advantage. Bugha saw himself flying through the first round as he took walls with complete and utter ease. After the first week of competition, Bugha was the talk of the Solos.

Kyle completely dominated the Solos. He carried the Sentinels to what the official Fortnite Competition Twitter called,

“Some incredible plays from him through the late circles after he saved his movement to clutch up a memorable Victory Royale.”

In the end, Bugha had an extremely impressive nine eliminations during gameplay. His mechanics were untouchable and his confidence was unwavering. Audiences watched in awe as he plowed his way through the Solos without breaking a sweat.

Actually, he was seen breaking a bit of a sweat. The world was introduced to the gaming sensation’s key weapon–his dancing skills. He cut a rug with each victory and elimination in what he calls “The Homer.” The Homer is a move where you cover your face with your arms. In the meantime, you sway your hips about in a circular motion. This ridiculous dance move was named after the iconic Simpsons dad with a penchant for Duff beers and pink donuts.

Bugha Wins Fortnite World Cup 

Let’s face it, the Fortnite World Cup Finals was nothing to say “Doh” about for Bugha. During the first round, Bugha evoked what seemed to be his lucky number–nine. He saw nine kills in his first round, which ended up in a victory for the star. The whole world was talking as they were in complete shock over some of the difficult maneuvers the star pulled off.

For instance, the shockwave play in the final kill of the first round was a sight to be seen. It allowed him to shoot from the low ground and take the high ground. This move sent shockwaves across the gaming community as they watched with jaws agape as Bugha cinched his spot in the next round in the Finals.

In the first game, Bugha set the tone for what would be the entire series. Staking his claim on the title, he racked up an impressive 19 points in just the first game alone. However, he would smash that record with even greater feats as he progressed.

The names Bugha competed against read like a who’s who in the world of Fortnite. The talented player was able to eke out victories against:

  • Tfue
  • Bizzle
  • Arkhram1x

Bugha played five more rounds. He amassed a whopping 59 points to secure a Championship victory. In the end, Bugha felt comfortable in his role. The star was a solid 20 points ahead from a distant second.

The winner was followed by Psalm. The North American player had a normally impressive 33 points. However, he paled in comparison to Bugha. To top it off, he only pulled it off by one point. Third placer EpikWhale came in at 32.

That accolade cemented Bugha as the top Fortnite player in the world. As a result of this proclamation, Bugha went down in the history books as the first-ever Fortnite World Cup Champion. Even more important, he left the arena $3 million richer.

Future for Bugha

It’s shocking to believe that the Fortnite World Cup was Bugha’s first foray into tournaments. He entered the competition a virtual unknown and left an internet sensation on a global level.

Bugha would have entered other tournaments in the past. However, Epic Games used to have an age limit on who can enter prize-winning competitions. Originally, you had to be 16. While Bugha makes the cut now, he couldn’t for the longest time. Luckily for other young gamers, the age limit has dropped to 13. However, it means little to Bugha because the 16-year-old set out to accomplish his goal the first time he tried.

A lot of insiders slept on Bugha due to his association with the Sentinels. At such a monumental event, some of the most well-known Fortnite players from the most well-established teams were present. Impressively enough, Bugha was able to survive against some of the best that Faze Clan and Team SoloMid had to offer.

Now, the door is wide open for Bugha and the sky seems to be the limit. He hasn’t fully grasped the levity of his success. However, the young star is looking toward the future. He had already indicated to media news sites that he plans on continuing to enter Fortnite Tournaments. Not only is Kyle excited to defend his title in the Fortnite World Cup next year, but he has his sights on the Season 10 Fortnite Championship Series.

ESPN caught up with the new-found millionaire. They were curious what such a young lad would do with so much money. Unlike many others who come into money, Bugha plans on playing it smart. He told the sources that he will not spend any money that earned. The star plans on saving all of his winnings so he and his family can enjoy a secure future.

Bugha Social Media Hack

When you are on top, the whole world wants a piece of you. As Kyle Giersdorf is finding out, being sixteen doesn’t make you exempt from this notion. Within hours of winning the Fortnite World Cup, the millionaire was hacked on all of his social media accounts.

Right after his first-round victory on July 28, 2019, Bugha’s Twitter was hacked by a number of people. As the day progressed, the star’s Twitch account became compromised as well.

The posts were not in character of Bugha, but were commenting on the events that were simultaneously unfolding on the stage and behind the scenes at the Fortnite World Cup Championships. First, the hackers encouraged people to follow @perocet @_eclan. They followed up with promoting the account for @Bug as well.

From there, they hijacked the livestream on Bugha’s Twitch account. The screen on the livestream was a solid rendering telling people to follow @percocet. They further implored by promising a follow from @Bugha if you follow through with the instructions.

In between these following requests, the hackers crafted posts talking about drinking Dom Perignon in the VIP section of the Fortnite Championships. These tweets were clearly not from Bugha and immediately, an investigation was launched.

While his hands were tied kicking Fortnite butt, Bugha took a moment to talk about the situation on his Instagram. Through an Instagram Story, Kyle explained that he was hacked. He promised he had nothing to do with the tweets and did not encourage his followers to follow the accounts listed on his hacked platform.

Eventually, the Sentinels got to the bottom of the problem.  They restored Bugha’s credentials, essentially locking out the hackers. From there, they erased all of the old content. Since that day, Bugha’s social media accounts have remained safe from cyberattacks.

Oddly enough, some stars saw the benefits of this hack. FaZe Clan’s Nate Hill gained 100 subscribers during this moment, to which he tweeted out a thank you to Bugha and laughed.

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