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Bruno Baba – Famousss.com Bruno Baba – Famousss.com

Bruno Baba Gordito

Bruno Baba

Also known as

Gordito, Papacito



Birth Place

Fier, Albania

Birth Sign




Net Worth




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This fitness model turned food fetish star has turned his mental health around by gaining a bunch of weight. After a bad breakup left Bruno Baba reeling, he rebounded bigger than ever…literally. Bruno Baba is an Albanian internet sensation who turns chubby chasers on with his alter-ego Gordito. The 5’11” star now lives in Los Angeles, where he is changing the game on how we perceive the Famousss, one calorie at a time. 

Bruno Baba’s Net Worth

Bruno Baba has a net worth of $65,000. The star is still getting his foot as he acclimates to the American lifestyle. He originally came here to pursue a career in modeling. However, he made a complete change to the game plan after Bruno Baba experienced unexpected weight gain. 

When his popularity started to rise alongside his weight, Bruno Baba embraced the changes. He started documenting his weight gain journey on Instagram, performing eating challenges. Eventually, women started commenting on how good he looked. 

So, Bruno started performing these challenges shirtless. The views and likes started coming in. As of September 2021, the official Bruno Baba YouTube page has 33.4k subscribers.

His most popular video has 151k views, with many of the others having an average of 25k. So, Bruno Baba is rolling in some of that YouTube ad kickback that Famousss content creators, like De’arra TaylorEthan FairrZach Choi, and more. 

With the @Baba_Bruno Instagram account having 846k followers, Bruno Baba is finally getting the endorsement deals he dreamed about when he first moved to La La Land. 

Some brands that work with Bruno Baba, including Louis Elite Necklaces. He was planning on expanding his partnerships through his @brunobaba11 TikTok account, but he got permanently banned, which we’ll get to in a bit!

Since people are really interested in watching Bruno Baba eating shirtless, he’s hoping that food brands and restaurants will start sponsoring him. In the meantime, he’s supplementing his income with an official Bruno Baba Patreon

The The 27-year-old star announced his Patreon on his 26th birthday. A Basic Membership is just $4.99 per month. Subscribers will get exclusive content. However, $10 more unlocks a bunch more features. 

For $14.99 per month, you will receive the following from this Albanian superstar:

  • Exclusive content
  • Livestreams
  • Behind-the-scenes content
  • Fan requests
  • Live Q&As
  • Exclusive voting power
  • Live chat
  • Food Challenges

So, if you love watching Bruno Baba chow down shirtless, make sure you get a membership! 

Bruno Baba’s Early Life & Family

Bruno Baba was born in Fier, Albania, on March 11, 1994. This Pisces was always a very active child. A young Bruno Baba would play football (or soccer as we call it in the States). 

The star was always in phenomenal shape. Girls always loved him, but they also seemed to break his heart a lot, which we’ll talk about in a few. 

While Bruno always enjoyed being an athlete, he loved the glamour of being a model. It was always his dream to come to the United States and start modeling. 

Before coming, he decided to dedicate his life to becoming a fitness trainer. That way, he could make connections and a seamless transition into being a brand representative. 

Bruno enrolled in the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) in Indianapolis, Indiana. The star got certified to become a personal trainer. 

Excited, Bruno made his way to America in 2016. He released his first book in 2017. It was called BEATS. 

The synopsis reads as,

“Noah is a young dreamer who lives in a small town, surrounded by small-minded people. After being persuaded many times to come back to reality, he looks willing to settle for a normal life like everyone else, until … a big responsibility forces him to start dreaming again.

What is more painful: walking all your life, or trying to fly? Flying can get you hurt, but maybe, it’s not as hard as they told you anyway.”

This book currently has a 4.88 rating on Goodreads, with 8 reviews. So, it’s obviously got a fan base. However, the star never focused his time on writing literature anymore. Instead, he fell in love and the rest became history. 

Bruno Baba’s Rise to Fame

Bruno Baba always wanted to become an internet star. He just thought that he had to take a far different path than the one that he did.

Originally, Bruno Baba would share thirst trap pics of his shredded abs to gain followers. While he did gets likes and followers, his engagement was low. It was all very superficial connections. 

Bruno Baba became an overnight sensation during the pandemic. He fell into a deep depression and started eating more. People noticed his weight gain and started complimenting him. 

With time, Bruno noticed that people enjoyed watching him eat. He started partaking in food challenges before he started creating content based on the dinner he had that night.

His TikTok started gaining a lot of traction as the star would post comedic videos. If he wasn’t eating ridiculous food, he would be trying on clothes that were too small for him at the mall or fail at a workout. His good looks and relatability won the world over. That’s why Bruno Baba is such a welcomed addition to the Famousss

Bruno Baba’s Relationships

Bruno Baba was in a long-term relationship before the pandemic. When the pandemic hit, his relationship fell off the rails. 

Between the lockdown, a lack of work, and a bad breakup, Bruno Baba got depressed. He started eating more. As he ate more, his likes and engagements went up, too. 

The groundswell of love for Bruno really helped his mental health. He decided he didn’t like being the shredded person anymore.

As he explained in a video,

“I wish the ripped guy she didn’t want. So I became the chubby guy she couldn’t have.”

Sound like now that Bruno Baba is Famousss, his old lady friend has remorse. We would too. Who could ever let Gordito go?

Bruno Baba’s Rumors and Controversies   

Bruno Baba was tearing up the FYP feed. Then, one day he was gone. As Bruno Baba explains in the video, TikTok Deleted My Account Forever (Happy Ending), they were deleting videos of him where he’d wear rompers that showed off his package. Eventually, he made them mad to the point where they deleted his account forever.

Other Notable Facts About Bruno Baba

Bruno Baba is fluent in five languages. 

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