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Bree Lenehan – Famousss.com Bree Lenehan – Famousss.com

Bree Lenehan

Bree Lenehan

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Queensland, Australia

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This brown-haired, brown-eyed Aussie gal is a 25-year-old radio DJ. Bree Lenehan set the world on fire when she unveiled her new figure in 2020. She was once overweight, but now she is stunning her 467k followers with bikini pics on her official @breeelenehan Instagram account. While she used to overeat, Bree still loves food. You’ll always catch her cooking up a storm along with her 44k subscribers on the official Bree Lenehan YouTube page

Bree Lenehan’s Net Worth

Bree Lenehan is just starting to make bank like other Famousss stars. She’s got a lot of business ventures going on at the moment, and the rewards are finally paying off. Bree Lenehan’s net worth is $100,000.

Most of Bree Lenehan’s net worth comes from her full-time job as a radio disc jockey. Bree doesn’t do regular hosting gigs. She is the promotions person for River 949. in Ipswich, Australia. You can catch her on the air sharing the latest radio station contests, appearances for DJs, reading sponsor copy, and more. 

Bree Lenehan recently became a published author in 2018. Her book is called Pembrim: The Hidden Alcove. It currently has a 4.77 out of 69 reviews on Goodreads . 

The synopsis reads as,

“Seventeen-year-old Halia Bodine, a girl with a medically baffling rare lung disease, begins dreaming of a map that leads her to the hidden alcove of Moa’s Rock. In the depths of this magical alcove exists the vibrant underwater world of M’deia, with its hunter tribes, alluring creatures, ghastly beasts, and untouched lands. After a fated encounter with Luka, a M’deian boy in exile from his clan, Halia enters this mythical underwater world. Once there, she learns that her illness ceases to exist, that she loves without reciprocation, and the cold truth of her parents’ death.”

As Bree told Raven Eckman in an interview, Bree first came up with the concept for this book while in the backwoods of her grandparents’ property. Out there, she found a secret waterhole. This discovery caused her imagination to run wild, bringing this book to life. 

Bree hesitantly rated her book on Goodreads, too,

“For a while I thought to myself, ‘Should I rate MY OWN BOOK? Is that what authors do? Is 5 stars too confident?’ but then the devil on the other side of my shoulder brought these questions to mind too… ‘How long have you been working on this story? Nearly 2 years? And how many times have you read it? 60 times? More? Girl, you deserve it. Be your own cheerleader! Go on, click that button… CLICK IT!’ so here I am. And to everyone else, I HOPE YOU ENJOY THE ADVENTURE! Welcome to the tribe 💛”

Bree Lenehan’s Early Life & Family

Bree Lenehan was born in Queensland, Australia, in 1996. She is very close with her family. She has a brother who is two years younger than her. Bree also has a little sister named Mia. Mia is still very young and has been featured in some of Bree’s baking videos.

Growing up, Bree struggled with weight issues. She was always on the larger side, which Bree believes is because of her poor dietary choices. 

Bree also had crooked teeth as a child. This problem always bugged her. Between her weight and teeth, Bree was the victim of a lot of bullying. 

She now tries to see herself in a different light. Every time she passes the mirror, she forces herself to think something nice about herself. She refuses to dwell on imperfections like she used to. Instead, she compliments something about herself, even if she’s not feeling it.

Bree Lenehan’s Rise to Fame

Bree Lenehan joins fellow Australian stars among the Famousss, including Chloe TingLachlan, and Emily Feld. She got here after her viral weight loss transformation journey in 2020. Bree Lenehan lost 45 pounds in eight months.

Bree focused on what she ate, sticking to:

  • Popcorn
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Yogurt
  • Smoothies
  • Eggs

Bree tends to make extra food to have leftovers. Then, she throws those healthy leftovers into what she calls “nourish bowls.”

Prior to losing weight, Bree was already a looker. People were captivated by her adorableness. Once she started empowering others through her weight loss journey, Bree’s followers increased. Then, she gained mainstream press from outlets like The Daily Mail. This type of coverage only cemented Bree’s spot among the Famousss

Bree Lenehan’s Relationships

Sorry, fellas. Bree Lenehan is in a long-term relationship. Her boyfriend’s name is Dylan Grae. He is now getting into influencing, as he just launched his @withdylangrae Instagram account

Dylan Grae and Bree Lenehan met in a McDonald’s parking lot On September 15, 2014. They randomly met each other and started chatting. The rest would become a match made in heaven. 

Bree and Dylan have lived together for four years. They rarely fight because they are both really good communicators. The couple will pull the other one aside and let that person know what’s bothering them. 

Bree Lenehan’s Rumors and Controversies

Bree Lenehan survived anorexia in 2018. Defeating anorexia is what caused her big weight gain. Once she got healthy, some people started coming for Bree.

There are some rumors that Bree didn’t have a real binge-eating or anorexia problem. Some believe she fabricated this story to create better content. After all, her YouTube page was launched with cover songs and didn’t gain any traction. So, some think she switched her strategy to gain more followers.

Other Notable Facts About Bree Lenehan

Bree Lenehan loves to spend time outdoors. Her favorite thing to do is exercise, especially going for hikes. 

Bree is a big fan of the My Fitness Pal app. She uses it to count calories while she’s eating out. That way, she can make educated decisions about her food. 

Bree grew up with a lot of insecurities. She used to worry that her friends would drop her. Bree used to incessantly ask if they were still friends, even if she did nothing wrong. Now, Bree realizes that she just needed the validation, which is an unhealthy way to live. 

Bree uses the app InShot to edit her videos. She likes it because you can separate audio from video. Plus, you can add any song that you’d like, which she considers a big plus. 

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