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Bella Ricchi Stefania Cima

Stefania Cima

Also known as

Bella Ricchi



Birth Place

Rexdale, Ontario, Canad

Birth Sign




Net Worth




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This Toronto, Ontario native is an emerging recording artist, fashion model, and OnlyFans queen. Stefania Cima, better known to the world as Bella Ricchi, has 57.7k followers on her @bella_ricchi Instagram account. This 33-year-old, brown-haired, brown-eyed Italian is an absolute beauty. We love looking at her bikini shots and are always looking forward to her next vlog on YouTube. Welcome to the Famousss, Bella Ricchi!

Bella Ricchi’s Net Worth

Bella Ricchi has been going the long game to get to the world of the Famousss. She’s still carving her path, but the dame is on her way. Currently, Bella Ricchi’s net worth is $75,000.

Bella Richi’s primary source of income is through OnylFans. The 33-year-old has 1.2k followers on the official Bella Ricchi OnlyFans page

Like other Famousss stars Violet SummersEmily Rinaudo, and Celina Smith, Bella Ricchi bares all on her page, providing exclusive content to her subscribers.

Stefania Gima offers a tiered-based subscription, where followers can choose how much content they would like to consume. 

Bella Ricchi’s OnlyFans prices are:

  • $20 per month
  • $51 for three months (this is a 15% discount)

People love to see Bella Ricchi out of clothes and in them. This beautiful Italian influencer makes decent dough on social media promotions.

You can see her making content for:

In addition, Bella Ricchi has a semi-successful music career. The star dropped Bella Ricchi: The Official Album in 2017. This album was released on the heels of the highly successful DOIN MY THING (PROD. BY SICK LUKE) track in August 2016. This video currently has 245k views, which qualifies the content for YouTube ad revenues. 

It seems like Bella Ricchi is abandoning her music career. Her official Bella Ricchi Spotify page has about 3,000 spins total for her 2017 album. Plus, she only has 7 monthly listeners.

Bella Ricchi’s Family & Early Life

Stefania Gima was born in Rexdale, Ontario, Canada, on June 15, 1988. This Gemini was double trouble. She was always athletic and beautiful. So, she naturally took to dancing and entertainment. 

Just as the future Bella Ricchi was about to start high school, her family moved 20 minutes west to Brampton, Ontario, Canada. She was now in a new town and school district. 

This change really threw the blossoming star for a loop, especially at such a pivotal time in her life. She had trouble fitting in and would focus on her schooling and dance. 

Stefania Gima has been dancing since she was eight years old. It was clear to her family that the little girl had talent at a very early age. So, they decided to invest in her skills and enroll Bella Ricchi into the Performing Dance Arts School. This renowned program is located in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada. They are lauded as one of the premier dance schools in Canada. 

Stefania Gima took to dance like a fish to water. She was always cast to lead dance recitals, even taking part in some of the choreography. The next natural transition was to parlay into music. 

Bella Ricchi’s Rise to Fame

Bella Ricchi had dreams of becoming a pop sensation. At the age of 14, she started taking music lessons to accompany her dance skills. With growing confidence, the star decided to record herself.

The first song Bella Ricchi ever recorded was in her friend’s basement. For a while there, Stefania was hooked. She put everything she had into creating music. 

During this time, Bella started amping up her Instagram posts on her @Bella_Ricchi Instagram account. People were drawn into her beauty shots but were staying for the music. 

With a groundswell of success, Bella decided to produce DOIN MY THING (PROD. BY SICK LUKE). She created the music video and released it on June 21, 2016. 

People were taken back by her rap skills. She had some good flows, and the song started gaining traction. It was 3.9k likes, and only 300 thumbs-down. 

In 2017, she dropped Bella Ricchi: The Official Album. This EP had five songs in total. The first single was Doin’ My Thing. While she shopped it to Spotify, the star didn’t make a video for it.

Then, she dropped They Don’t Know, featuring Duke Montana. Here, she made a video. Unfortunately, the song didn’t have as much success as the previous. It currently has over 50k views. While there are more thumbs-up than down, the star stopped making music for the time being. 

The star didn’t lose sight of her goals, though. She joined Step Up marketing. Now, she is getting regular work for social media brands. 

Bella Ricchi’s Relationships

Bella Ricchi is currently single. If she’s looking to wife up, she never needs to hesitate to look our way!

Bella Ricchi’s Rumors and Controversies 

There are currently no rumors or controversies about Bella Ricchi. However, you know how the Famousss be. We’ll keep you posted on all the latest trending news about Bella Ricchi.

Other Notable Facts About Bella Ricchi

With her olive skin, brown hair and deep brown eyes, Bella Ricchi has everything it takes to be a top music video girl. And let us tell you, she slays!

You can catch Bella Ricchi in:

  • Snow & Kobra Khan – Just for You
  • Dynamyt Records – Ruff Rydin
  • Scorsese and Esjay – You Got Problems
  • Bubba Sean – Girl, If you Don’t Know Me

As if you’d doubt, Bella Ricchi has one herself a couple of swimsuit competitions. She was the first place winner at the Candy Assets Pageant. Bella was crowned victor at Philthy McNasty’s.

Her biggest win to date was at the Hawaiian Tropic Pageant. She smoked the competition at the world-famous Jack’s Backyard. 

Bella Ricchi has modeled for expos and promotional shows, including:

  • Circa Nightclub – Lyme Productions
  • Embassy Nightclub – LA Entertainment
  • Reign Nightclub – LA Entertainment
  • Guess Lounge – Goodfellaz Entertainment
  • Sin City – Serbs Gone Wild 2 Event

With a face like hers, why wouldn’t you want Bella Ricchi on your screen? 

The starlet has had bit roles in:

  • Love Guru ( in the strip club fight scene)
  • The Repossession Mambo  (placed body double for Alicia Braga)

While these were paying gigs, Bella didn’t get any credits. However, we’ll pay for anything that she’s starring in. So, keep the roles coming! 

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