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Baylee Pfister

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Peoria, Arizona

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This blonde-hair, brown-eyed beauty is a fitness instructor that we would love to whip us into shape. Baylee Pfister is an Arizona girl with a dream to inspire and empower women to live healthy and active lifestyles. Her @bayleepfitt Instagram page has over 60k followers. She is a former powerlifter; now, this 26-year old entrepreneur has opened her own gym. Next? Conquering the world of the Famousss.

Balyeepfitt’s Net Worth

Baylee Pfister is the owner and CEO of the B-Pfitt lifestyle brand. She has earned money through powerlifting competitions and Instagram modeling. Now, she’s reinvesting it into her brand. 

Bayleepfitt has opened studios, created online training seminars, and started creating travel content for YouTube. Her star is on the rise, even if she’s spending some of her money to meet her goals. Baylee Pfister’s net worth is $200,000. However, we expect it to blow up by 2022.

 Balyeepfitt’s Family & Early Life

Bayleepfitt was born was Baylee Pfister in Peoria, Arizona, in 1995. Baylee Pfister likes to maintain a shroud of privacy. So, we don’t much about her parents or siblings. 

She had a modest upbringing. Baylee Pfister was moderately popular, as she was a student-athlete in multiple sports. 

Pfister took cheerleading and dance classes as a child. Baylee got into competitions around middle school. These would propel her into college upon graduation. 

Baylee attended Northern Arizona University as a member of their 2013-2014 Dance Team. In 2014, AZU won the National Title. Accomplished all that she wanted to, the future Bayleepfitt would retire from cheerleading and dance. 

The collegiate athlete would receive good marks during her college tenure. Her goal was to become a Physician’s Assistant. She would graduate, earning a Bachelors of Science in Public Health, with a concentration on BioMed. 

With college done, Baylee enrolled in Graduate School. She planned on earning a Degree in Occupational Therapy. While she was getting her paperwork together, Baylee missed some deadlines and got denied entry. 

The future star was crushed. She felt lost about her next chapter in life. However, her passions took over, and she went on a ride to the top. 

Bayleepfitt’s Rise to Fame

Baylee never had any intention of becoming a viral star. She graduated with the intention to inspire people to eat healthier and be more physically active. That passion would eventually allow her the opportunity to create content and become Famousss.

Her rise to fame really began with just pursuing her dreams. Baylee met Tim Sparks, coach at Die Hard Gym. He trained her on bodybuilding and got her to compete at Arizona Open Powerlifting Competitions

Coach Sparks pushed her to be a better person, and Baylee wanted to pay it forward. She started teaching personal fitness classes at Die Hard. This positive environment left a profound impact on the future Bayleepfitt.

Eventually, Baylee reached out to her college teammate, Jenna Homsey. The two started talking about their goals and what they plan on doing in the next couple of years. 

The gal pals inspired one another to quit their day jobs. They started GoFigure Personal Training (LLC). This diet and itness program operated in Peoria, Arizona. 

Through that opportunity, Baylee opened B-Pfitt in Glendale, Arizona. When the pandemic hit, Baylee took her classes to the internet. This unique opportunity allowed her to grow her following. Eventually, Baylee would start her highly successful @Bayleepfitt Instagram page. Now, she’s trying to conquer the world of TikTok and YouTube. 

As she told Voyage Phoenix Magazine,

“You may not always have the answer or know what the right thing to do is. If you listen to your heart, watch for signs around you, and trust the process, you will get what you want. Never stop showing up. Continue to perspire until you wake up every day excited to do what you do.”

She wants to inspire people to live their best lives and is doing a great job at it!

Bayleepfitt’s Relationships

Sorry boys. Baylee Pfister got engaged in 2020. 

As Baylee explained in their official engagement shoot,

“They say when you meet the right person you’ll just know, I never believed it, but the first time our eyes locked and I saw you’re smile, I felt it..The spark inside my heart knew instantly you were my soulmate. Your kinda love is what I want for the rest of this life, and the next. You are my soft place to fall, but also my biggest cheerleader. I could go on and on about this man, but the tears are flowing so I think I’ll end it here.

My peace. My love. My best friend. 💛”

We don’t know her fiance’s name, but we do know that he became a Registered Nurse in March 2021. 

Bayleepfitt’s Rumors & Controversies

Baylee is good people with a positive vibe. Her only controversy was being disqualified from the 2019 USPA Competition.

She couldn’t do the 304-pound squats after three attempts. According to Baylee, she had an off day and could normally do 304 with no issues. 

Pfister would continue to perform and actually beat her state record. However, her wins didn’t count on record. 

Other Notable Facts About Bayleepfitt

While Baylee was considered healthy in college, she didn’t realize she was sort of sick. She says that she was overtraining and undereating. Coach Sparks taught her the difference, and she remains forever grateful for learning the difference. 

Baylee likes to do shots of Jack Daniels with other competitors after competitions. 

Baylee Pfister recently invested in Earn Your Booze, and models their “Earn Your Wine” campaign. 

Her @baylee.pfister Facebook page is always running viral challenges and boot camps. 

The fitness expert said,

“We train in-person clients and online clients to fit their lifestyle into fitness. We train people of all types! We have had clients who lost hundreds of pounds, and we have had nationally qualified bodybuilding competitors. GoFigure does more than send a client a workout program and a nutrition guide. We connect with our clients on a personal level and understand their emotional needs!”

Your first session with B-Pfitt is always free. That way, you can decide whether the program is right for you.

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