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Barbara Macdonald

Barbara Macdonald

Also known as

Barbara, BarbaRaeMac



Birth Place

British Columbia, Canada

Birth Sign




Net Worth




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She may not be the most famous of female YouTubers but she sure as shit is good at what she does. With only 13k subscribers on her channel, Barbara is striving to hit 20k by end of 2019. Not a high number but she is humble and patient and knows that gaining subscribers does not come easy. She is certainly one of the more energetic streamers and is always polite, never saying anything mean or rude (probably because she is Canadian).

Barbara is extremely active on YouTube and aims to live stream at least every Tuesday at 8pm PST, but says she is going to try to increase that. She just needs a little help in the tips department so she can stream a little more often! You can be sure to catch her playing a variety of games based on her fans’ suggestions but loves to play Zelda- Breath of the Wild as that is what gained her much attention. She is a Nintendo fan girl at heart that’s for sure.

Barbara Pictures​

This gorgeous blonde seems to be always smiling for the camera, and when she’s not, you can catch her making some sort of silly face. Either way she’s quite the looker.

Barbara Videos

Barbara has a good variety of videos to check out on her YouTube channel. Of course, she has gaming posts on the variety of titles she likes to play but you can also find unboxings, reactions, and highlights. In any video you decide to watch, she is full of energy and keeps the viewer entertained.

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