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Azra Bajrami

Also known as

AzzyLand, Azzy



Birth Place

Toronto, Canada

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Azra Bajrami (born: February 23, 1991) is a gamer, vlogger, and cosplayer known the world over as AzzyLand…or Azzy for short. Her YouTube channel has over 1.9 billion views, which earned her placement as one of the Top 10 YouTube channels on a global level. These accolades also made Azzy the most-viewed female YouTube content creator of 2019. 

AzzyLand Early Beginnings 

Azzy was born in the Great White North with a younger sister and two parents who immigrated from North Macedonia, Albania. 

Her name Azra means “purity” in Bosnian. With that said, her last name is still Albanian and means “celebration.” So Azra Bajrami is a purity celebration!

Azzy Graduates and Pursues a Career as a Doctor

The Canadian-born star grew up with aspirations of becoming a doctor. As always, anytime Azzy puts her mind to something, she accomplishes it. She completed her younger schooling years successfully, earning herself a spot at a local university. 

The Canadian-born starlet when to college with the same goal of being a doctor in mind. In fact, Azzy earned two Honors Degrees in Bachelors of Sciences. One was in chemistry, while the other was for biology. 

Upon graduation, Azzy was poised for a life in medicine. However, the schooling was rigorous, and she was saddled with a lot of student debt. 

Plus, Azzy admits that she can’t stand the sight of blood. That’s a tough break for someone who plans on being a doctor! 

So, she thought of some get-rich early schemes. In turn, her life path and career trajectory changed forever. Now, she’s counting the dollars happily.

AzzyLand Cosplay

Azzy was always a fan of theatrics. She dressed up for fun with friends and alone in her room. Little did she know that this hobby would open the door for her to have a career even more fruitful than becoming a doctor!

Azzy first shot onto the scene by gaining attention through her cosplay. Her most popular look was inspired by the Overwatch character, D. Va. Between her dedication to character and ability to apply makeup flawlessly, Azzy generated a huge buzz. Therefore, she decided to take her act on the road. 

The star-in-the-making would go to conventions dressed as D. Va. She would rub elbows with other comic fans and take pictures with people who admired her get-up.

Eventually, people took notice of Azzy. She started popping up on other YouTube feeds. Eventually, this opportunity would snowball into her biggest break yet!

AzzyLand and Before They Were Famous

With the world catching onto AzzyLand, she landed her first major gig as a full-time host for a popular biography channel about celebrities on YouTube. The name of the show as Before They Were Famous.

This touch of the limelight gave Azzy the entertainment itch. She realized that all of her travel was getting in the way of becoming a doctor. Plus, she was getting more interested in her own channel. Therefore, the rising star bit the bullet and pulled the plug on her doctor career to pursue a life of streaming.

AzzyLand Starts Gaming and Gaining Populaity

By November 2016, Azzy was named one of YouTube’s fastest-growing channels. This accolade caught the attention of producers of CBC. They cast her in a role for an episode on Season 2 of the hit comedy, My 90-Year Old Roommate. 

While she continued to host and cosplay, Azzy began focusing more on gaming. Growing up, she was a huge Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time fan. All of her family members used to play, and she would watch on in awe. At seven-years-old, she finally got to play herself.

Although she’s not overly skilled, her personality shines through while still playing Legend of Zelda online. However, Azzy knows where her bread is buttered. Instead of playing, she started uploading more reaction videos. 

Azzy Dates Kwebbelkop

As her rocket started taking off, AzzyLand ended up in a whirlwind relationship with fellow YouTuber, Jordi van den Bussche. The world knows van den Bussche better as Kwebbelkop. 

The two would create content together but mainly did their own thing. Their relationship was very serious, almost lasting four years. Right before the pandemic, the two split. 

It was challenging for Azzy to go through a public breakup. As her best friend, Gloom, explains, Azzy is a very private person. She said that starting a YouTube channel in the first place was a “big step for her.” Good thing she did. Azzy was poised for even more greatness.

AzzyLand Explodes 

Azzy did it her way. From cosplay to reaction videos, the world fell in love with her. Her most successful collab to date was at the end of 2019. 

After hitting one million subscribers, the girl whose last name translates to “celebration” decided to celebrate. She posted a video where it seemed like Azzy was running around Amsterdam buck naked. 

While the world was aghast, AzzyLand had a good laugh. She even posted in the description that the video was a parody. Sorry, Amsterdam (and YouTubers); Azzy wasn’t really naked. 

Either way, the stunt work. Azzy garnered more attention and started rubbing elbows with top tier celebrities. She even worked with DJ Marshmello at the end of 2019. Azzy even has the IG pics to prove it!

AzzyLand Charity 

Having almost 2 billion views can make someone pretty wealthy. Azzy is very grateful for her success. So, she does everything she can to give back.

In 2018, Azzy made her first large charitable contribution. The star gave $6,000 to Make a Wish Foundation’s popular event, Rope for Hope. 

At this event, Azzy took it to the sky. She repelled down a skyscraper in Toronto to help raise funds. Hey, she’s not afraid of risk. After all, Azzy is a certified PADI scuba diver!

During the pandemic, Azzy’s philanthropic work went through the roof. First up, she teamed up with Extra Life. Together, they held a charity fundraising stream. 

This event raked in an astonishing $26,251, with AzzyLand donating half. The money went to multiple children’s hospitals, as it was donated through the SickKids Foundation.

Following all the racial tension in 2020, Azzy gave $9,999 to the Black Lives Matter movement. She also stepped up to help Australia during those tragic wildfires that saw koalas fleeing for their lives. AzzyLand ponied up 10 grand to help out Down Under through the #FightTheFires fund.

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