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This 23-year old singer is no stranger to controversy. Ava Louise took the world by storm when she licked an airplane toilet seat to spark a TikTok Coronavirus Challenge. The Skinny Legged Anthem singer has become a Dr. Phil regular and a regular in our dreams. We stan this 5’5, blonde-haired, blue-eyed star, as does the 339,00 who follow her @avalouiise Instagram account. We are happy to have this Leo in the world of the Famousss

Ava Louise’s Net Worth

Ava Louise is just hitting the scene, and she’s already made a big splash. This influencer is starting to command big bucks for endorsements on top of her other business ventures. That’s why the net worth of Ava Louise is $400,000 as of July 2021.

Ava Louise is an aspiring musician. She sounds a little like Ke$ha. Her song Skinny Legged Anthem has almost 10,000 spins on Spotify. This collab with Big Dick Chima became a bit of a trend to dance to on TikTok. Courteney Cox even danced to it!

This hottie also makes money on her OnlyFans account.  

Her tiered subscriptions include:

  • 1 Month: $5
  • 3 Months: $14.25
  • 6 Months: $28.50
  • 12 Months: $57

She’s got the sex worker game on lock. Ava Louise has also done some work for Penthouse. 

She is also an influencer for many social media brands, including:

Ava Louise has also been in negotiations with MTV about creating content. She wants to grow her music empire and transition into reality TV.

As Ava Louise continues to shock us, we also won’t be shocked to watch her bank account go up. We’re hooked on her every move!

Ava Louise’s Early Life & Family 

Ava Louise was born on August 5, 1998, in New York City, New York. The budding star grew up in a loud household that saw a lot of fighting.

She would withdraw a bit in school, claiming she was bullied for being overweight. At her worst, Ava Louise weighed 200 pounds. 

Her large frame caused Ava to become obsessed with weight training and cardio. She lost her weight and found herself. Now, the star isn’t ashamed to show off her body…and prove her haters wrong. 

The star is currently attending Rutger’s University, where she plans to earn a marketing degree. 

Ava Louise’s Rise to Fame

Ava Louise first burst into the spotlight when she cast on the Dr. Phil Show. She got cast because she sent in a video saying that her friends have started alienating her since she went through a body transformation. 

A self-professed “Regina IRL,” Ava felt alone at college. Her friends criticized her social media posts where she flaunted her body. 

However, as she told Dr. Phil

“I’d rather die hot than live ugly.”

Like fellow Famousss star Woah Vicky, Ava Louise used her post-Dr. Phil appearance to release Skinny Legged Anthem. 

Ava Louise explained the song-making process to The Insider,

“Right before I made the song I got beaten up by a crackwh—, ’cause I was hooking up with her boyfriend. So the girl broke my nose and gave me a concussion. So I drank a bunch of Four Lokos, went to the studio, recorded my song in my messed-up, concussed state, said ‘Oh my god, this is so good.’ And like, it wasn’t.”

Once Courteney Cox and Charli D’Amelio TikToked to the song, Ava Louise cemented her spot in the Famousss.

However, she really cemented herself into the next stratosphere when she went viral on her now-deleted @realavalouiise TikTok in 2020. The star flew from New York to Miami during Spring Break in the middle of a pandemic. She recorded herself licking a toilet seat on the plane. She called it the “Coronavirus Challenge.”

As she explaned,

“I did the whole toilet-licking stunt, one, because f— boomers and I don’t take this virus seriously. Two, as strategic marketing, so people would be like ‘Who the h— is Ava Louise?’ and connect me to that song.”

This stunt helped Skinny Legged Anthem peak at number 6 on TikTok’s trending songs. 

Ava Louise’s Relationships

Ava Louise is currently single, but certainly down to smash. She admits that she likes to hook up with other peoples’ boyfriends. After all, she went to a party to flirt with Bryce Hall in front of Addison Rae, in hopes to sleep with him. 

There are some rumors that Ava Louise is hitting it with Ethan Peters. However, they seem like besties. 

As she wrote in a sweet IG post,

“Having a long distance bestie is difficult…there were times I wouldn’t leave my house because I was on FaceTime with him for the entire day talking about our futures, our dreams our goals, dumb shit, boys, Money, fame everything. There were a solid 4 months when Ethan was the only human I had conversations with, I was struggling and isolating myself and he got me out of it. He was there always. Ethans my only friend who was a REAL friend to me and got this dumb internet bullshit we both do.”

Ava Louise also hooked up with Mike Majlak when he was dating Lana Rhoades. Even Logan Paul described Ava on his podcast as a “dumpster gremlin.”

Mike even tweeted,

“i will address all this skank ass bullshit at a later time but i have a very mad, very beautiful girl i need to go make things right with right now. wish me luck. love you all (except for all you clout chasing hoes).”

This really offended Ava because she thought they were adults and consenting. Also, she insists she had no intentions of hooking up with him. Nor did she wait for him. They happened to meet up and hit it. 

Ava Louise’s Rumors & Controversies

Rumors and controversies about Ava Louise are everywhere…and she’s only 23! Ava Louise started the rumor that Kanye West cheated on Kim Kardashian West with Jeffree Star. The star claimed she knew about this affair for months and couldn’t keep it a secret anymore. 

Kris Jenner sent Ava Louise a cease-and-desist letter. She posted a now-deleted apology to the West family, saying that she made the whole story up and couldn’t believe the internet bought into it. 

Ava Louise is a self-professed sugar baby. She goes on dates with older men who shower her with gifts.

Notable Facts About Ava Louise 

Kourtney Kardashian’s son, Mason Disick, name-dropped Ava Louise’s Skinny Legged Anthem on an IG Live telecast. 

Ava Louise spends $20,000 per month on her makeup, clothes, and hair. 

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