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Just here for fun 💜.”

Those are the words in the About section of Aurorxaa’s YouTube profile.

We know we her as Aurorxaa, but the rest of the world knows her as Josie. She likes to stream on Twitch, showing off her bubbly personality. Otherwise, she is messing around on Spapchat and Instagram. Aurorxaa has a penchant for filters and uses them to find a nice balance between sexiness and young spunk.

Let’s face it, this Russian-Danish Australian hottie is not playing around (or maybe she is). Aurorxaa likes to play a plethora of games that range from Monopoly to Call of Duty to Overwatch.

While she plays a variety of games, Aurorxaa has been a bit low on the content. She doesn’t have a lot of uploads on her Twitch account and none on her YouTube. However, she does sporadically log onto Twitch. When that happens, she gets quite the following.

While she is still working on growing her Twitch audience, she also accepts payments through PayPal and Ko-fi. She uses these payments to buy costumes that she poses in for her social media followers.

One thing that endears people to Josie is her humble demeanor. She acts very naive and innocent. Combined with the fact that she’s a ripe 19, her “come chat” pleas after her videos get a decent amount of viewers.

Aurorxxa Pictures

At 19, Auroxxa has a youthful approach to her pictures. She captures herself doing what those in their twilight teen years do best, capture selfies and put dog ears on them. However, she does leave us some flirty shots. For instance, anyone else notice the strategic placement of those PlayStation controllers? Yeah, I rest my case!

For 19-year-old who solicits money on the internet, Aurorxxa knows what she’s doing. She works her innocence and pouts her eyes in hopes that you Ko-fi up money. And hey, you hope she coughs some stuff up, too. So, who knows?  It could be a win-win for everyone!

With that being said, Aurorxxa doesn’t have much of a social media presence yet. She seems to be taking the slow road to rolling out her career. However, she is sure to become a major sensation in the gaming world. After all, she is a major babe. Check out some of the hottest photos of Aurorxxa that you will find on the internet!

Aurorxxa Videos​

Aurorxxa doesn’t have many videos. The few she does have is all about the game play. She’s more about trying to win people over with her bubbly personality and getting people to buy her a Ko-fi. While Aurorxxa is still new, she will grow into her personality. There are big things on the horizon for her. Being so young, she will only get hotter. This wlil be especially true when she finds her voice.


In the meantime, enjoy these few videos she did upload to YouTube. She is a 4425 Career High. So, she has a video dedicated to her Mercy victories. However, we recommend she does less of this content and gets her face out there more. She’s a true beaut.

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