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This page is dedicated to the beautiful and wonderful Aurora Kelly who is a social media influencer who has profiles on all major social networks. Her main claim to fame is dressing up in sexy cosplayer outfits and posting photos and videos on Instagram.

She is currently approaching 12,000 followers on her Instagram account at the time of writing this, but I am sure she will pass that soon. She is also currently active as I can see her posting yesterday on Instagram and a few days ago on Twitter.

Aurora Kelly likes to play Overwatch, most likely due to the popularity, colourful characters, and just the plain fun of the game. You can find her playing on her Twitch channel once in awhile but not very often lately. In all honesty, at 22 years old, she doesn’t seem to be sure which direction to take her online hobby. She has a few videos on her YouTube channel, but does videos such as listing the best Christmas gifts for men. Nothing wrong with that, I am just not sure what direction she is heading right now.

Aurora Kelly Pictures

You are probably here like most guys (and some ladies) to see this beautiful woman in action, here are some of her pictures from the Aurora Kelly Instagram page.

Aurora Kelly Videos

Aurora Kelly does not have many videos but below are a few that she currently has on her YouTube channel. I watched a bit of them and she is very cute and adorable to watch. Make sure you subscribe to her channel to help motivate her to continue!

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