Erin Wayne

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Aureylian, Aurey



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St. Louis, MI

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Known as Erin offline, Aureylian is a successful YouTuber, Gamer and Streamer that is an active member of the MindCrack server (group of content creators that publish footage of their video gaming experiences online in a Let’s Play format). She is employed by Twitch and is the Director of Community Marketing and specifically supports their Partners for parties, conventions, rewards programs and educational initiatives. According to her, she basically has the coolest job ever.

She normally doesn’t post too many gameplay videos to her YouTube channel anymore, as she saves that for Twitch, but if you ever hear her refer to someone as “Boo,” she is speaking of the coolest kid EVER, aka her daughter. Her streaming schedule can be found on Twitch or Twitter but she aims to stream everyday (unless travelling gets in the way).

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Instead of receiving tips for herself, the link posted in the “donations” section will direct you to a site where Erin can raise money all throughout 2019 for Children’s Miracle Network. What a saint!

Aureylian Pictures

Whatever you do, do not directly comment on her boobs to Erin. She is well aware she is well endowed! This gorgeous redhead can sure pose for the camera though, as she loves to post selfies. We sure as hell aren’t complaining about the recent cruise pics she has been posting in her bikini!

Aureylian Videos​

The most recent videos she posted are in relation to Minecraft, particularly UHShe. She currently holds 303k subscribers on her YouTube channel and we probably won’t see that increase too much as she focusses more on her Twitch streaming.

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