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Ashley began her YouTube fame in 2012 and has accumulated 630k subscribers since then. She initially gained popularity as one of the original participants of UHShe (all-female Minecraft competition), where she participated for 7 whole seasons.

In her most recent upload to YouTube, titled “new things coming,” she lets her fans know that she has her life schedule figured out a little better now so she will be posting a lot more vlogging, gaming, and general real-life content to her YouTube channel. She is very apologetic as she recently moved back to Korea so she even wants to start posting videos in relation to that so anyone visiting that area will have an idea of what to expect. She is always encouraging of getting video topic ideas from her fans as well!

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Ashley loves keeping her followers updated on her life through photos, and she has done just so on her Instagram account. She gives everyone a taste of living the Korean life and just got a new tattoo to add to her collection already.

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Gaming, vlogging and everything in between, all while looking beautiful as hell on camera. Be sure to keep an eye out for new posts in the near future as she promises more material to come!

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