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Kim Ga Young

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South Korea

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Kim “Aphrodite” Ga Young is known for being a beast in South Korean eSports gaming. She killed it representing MVP in the female-only Zowie Divina gaming tournament. She first learned about the tournament when she seconded her friend, RainBOw. After providing mentorship and advice to RainBOw, the Starcraft fanatic decided to stop out onto her own.

When Aphrodite entered the tournament, she was considered a bit of an underdog. The future star was on a losing streak. However, she still placed in the semi-finals where she rebounded to defeat ColaGirl. After a stiff challenge against ColaGirl, Aphrodite shocked the world by pulling off an easy victory against Flo in the finals.

What makes Kim Ga Young so appealing to gaming fans is how nervous she comes off. She’s a bit camera shy and apprehensive to show off her personality. It often keeps you wondering what she’s holding back.

Ever elusive, Aphrodite has slowly pulled back on her social media presence. She lets the gaming and events speak for themselves. However, she’s been having a harder time making it to these events.

Following her success in Zowie Divina, Aphrodite failed to qualify for the 2012 GSL Season 1 Code A. However, she rebounded a few days later to qualify and win another female-only competition, the NESL Iron Lady Championship Cup #6.

Another sexy quality about Aphrodite is that she continues to make history. The gamer had the first all-female Starcraft II match on GOMTV. She went up against Eve in the first game of the 2013 GSTL Preseason. Like she tends to, Aphrodite had the distinction of winning that game as well.

When Aphrodite isn’t crushing it in the gaming world on behalf of MVP, she loves to go swimming. Too bad she leaves those pics off her dwindling social media presence.

Aphrodite Pictures

Aphrodite seems to enjoy her privacy. She has taken down many of her social media accounts. These days, everything she posts is related to gaming. With that being said, you can see the potential in her pics. Aphrodite has a lost, sad gaze. You know there’s a secret somewhere in there. Just wonder what you have to do to get that secret out?

Aphrodite Videos

Maybe it’s a culture thing, but Aphrodite likes to keep a low profile. However, there is n no shortage of the beauty in action. From breaking glass ceilings in 2012 to looking fine in 2017, you can easily find the best of Kim Ga Young on the internet. So, while the videos below are not from official accounts, you can still get the brilliance and beauty of Aphrodite, as uploaded by her peers and fans.

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