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This comedian is the girl next door that you want to chill with. Anna Lore is a Texas-born chick who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. The naturally brown-haired, blue-green-eyed beauty is really making a name for herself in Hollywood. This 28-year-old star has great comedic instincts with her expressive facial features. That’s why 18,000 people follow her @anna_lore, and why she is among the Famousss.

Anna Lore’s Net Worth 

Anna Lore is becoming quite an accomplished actress. Her budding resume has garnered Anna Lore a net worth of $500,000. 

She has been working for almost a decade to become a TV and film star. 

You might recognize Anna Lore in roles, such as:

  •  Frankenstein, MD (2014)
  • Contracted: Phase II (2015)
  • The Friendless Five (2016)
  • Nasty Habits (2016, TV film)
  •  Born Guilty (2017)
  • The Bright Sessions (2015-18)
  • Artista Obscura (2019, TV movie)
  • Doom Patrol (2019)

Presently, she has 35 acting credits to her name. However, she’s a starving artist who is willing to grind to make her dreams a reality. So, we expect to see those number of credits skyrocket in the coming years!

Additionally, Anna is in acting troupes. She does improve shows and stand-up comedy. She is close to the producers of Gorilla Flicks. So, she has a lot of access to high-quality equipment. 

Anna used these resources to help explore some of her ideas. She created a YouTube page that has 2,200 followers to date. There are ten shorts on her page that feature a character named Katie.

Katie is a quirky worker who displays odd behaviors in the office. These episodes garner a couple of thousand views each. So, Anna gets a little kickback from YouTube ads. 

Anna Lore’s official @lore.anna TikTok has 27,000 followers. She continues her Katie character on this platform. You can also catch her just making random videos that she finds amusing. Her personality really shines through, and she’s adorable while showing it off. 

Anna Lore also makes some money thanks to endorsements. She earned paper with Real Good Touring, modeling some swag. 

Anna Lore’s Early Life & Family 

Anna Lore was born in Texas on March 15, 1993. She moved to Nebraska at a young age. 

While she enjoyed television, it wasn’t the primary way she spent her time. A young Anna Lore would sing and dance around the living room, and put on skits. She would also play outside, ride bikes, and climb trees.

Anna Lore was a bit of a tomboy growing up, but all the boys still dug her. However, she knew she was destined for more than just Nebraska.

At just 6-years-old, she started taking stage lessons. She attended the Plains Theatre in Rushville, Nebraska.

Her parents realized that she had talent. They got her involved with a talent agent. She was cast in a State Farm commercial, which opened the door to other advertising gigs.

Stuck in a rut, Anna shaved her head at 19. She wanted to be taken as a serious actress. While she worked on her craft, she would serve as a background actor. She even played an anarchist in an episode of Community. 

Anna Lore’s Rise to Fame

Anna Lore had a long journey on the road to being Famousss. She earned her first breakout role in 2014 when Anna Lore was cast as Victoria Frankenstein in Frankenstein, M.D

She was on this series for 24 episodes. It allowed her the opportunity to network with other budding stars, including Steve Zaragoza and Brenda Bradley.

Anna would be cast in notable shorts, including Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling and The Soft Parade. Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling was her most-viewed video. To date, it has 3,800,000 views and 108,000 likes. 

Anna Lore opened the eyes of the entertainment world. She was cast as Harper in her first film role in 2015 in Contracted: Phase II.

Next, Anna nabbed the role of Chloe Turner in The Bright Sessions. That gig lasted 24 episodes. She would pick up six episodes as Brie in 2016’s The Friendless Five.

She continued to grind, starring in many movies. Anna Lore got cast in larger roles, including Hulu’s Into the Dark in 2020. Right now, Anna is focusing on things that make her happy. We like seeing her smile.

Anna Lore’s Relationship

Anna Lore is in a long-term relationship with Ryan Nemeth. His @ryrynemnem Instagram account has 20,2000 followers.

Ryan is a professional wrestler who works for All Elite Wrestling (AEW). His character is the Hollywood Hunk. He is on the same show as fellow Famousss star, Miro.

Ryan is also the brother of Nick Nemeth, Dolph Ziggler. Nick is a WWE wrestler who once had an on-screen relationship storyline with CJ “Lana” Perry, who in real life is married to Miro!

Anna and Ryan hit it off after the Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling phenomenon. They never came out about their relationship. However, they are always tagging each other in IG stories. 

She did post a pic of Anna Lore and Ryan Nemeth on Valentine’s Day 2021. 

The caption read,

“siblings or dating? 😍”

Glad to see he makes this funny girl happy. 

Anna Lore’s Rumors and Controversies

This 5’6″ star is a down chick. She really has no rumors or controversies. Anna Lore is focused on her career and helping to add more diversity to the comedy scene. 

Other Notable Facts About Anna Lore

Anna Lore has an official Twitch page: anna_lore. She likes to play Spider-man games. 

Sadly, Anna’s dog died in 2021. 

David Sedaris is one of Anna Lore’s favorite authors. 

When The Best of Me came out, she took to Instagram immediately to pledge her allegiance to Sedaris by saying,

“There is only one author whose new books I go out and buy right away.”

She is advertising a site called When you go to the site, it says “coming soon.” According to an Instagram post, it seems like a clothing store based on children’s cartoon characters. Could Anna Lore be working on a book?

Stay tuned to Famousss to learn what Anna Lore is up to next!

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