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This 28-year-old Twitch streamer is Famousss for being the girlfriend of iDubbbz. Anisa Jomha, who streams under her first name Anisa, is a brown-haired, brown-eyed Canadian beauty that loves to play League of Legends, and we love to watch her play!

Anisa Jomha Net Worth

Anisa Jomha has grown her Twitch following on her AnisaJomha livestreams. Her channel has 240,000 followers as of February 2021. 

While the amount of content she creates has slowed, her views have gone up. Subsequently, her top keeps smaller and smaller. Maybe these assets are the reason for her climb in numbers?

At times, Anisa has partnered with the platform, which has become the gamer’s main source of income. Currently, she has a net worth of $300,000.

Additionally, she has her Anisa YouTube account. She has around 100,000 followers and averages around 70,000 views per video. Therefore, Anisa earns a little kickback from YouTube ads. 

Her long-term boyfriend, iDubbbz, has a YouTube Channel called iDubbbz TV. He has 7.9 million subscribers on YouTube, as of February 2021. So, if Anisa Johma marries iDubbbz, she can have a net worth of over $2,000,000! 

Anisa Johma’s Family and Early Life 

This hottie was born on June 25, 1993, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Her mother’s name is Maureen. Maureen Johma is an Irish Catholic woman. 

Anisa’s mom converted to Islam when she met Anisa’s father, Muhammed. He is a Lebanese Muslim.

Anisa was raised as a Muslim. However, she decided to get rid of any affiliations to religion at the age of 16. This decision upset her father, who is very tied to his faith. However, he decided to always love and support his daughter’s dreams. 

The Johmas also have two other children — a boy and a girl, named Muhammad and Iman, respectively. 

Anisa went to Harry Ainlay High School in Edmonton. She was heavily involved in ice hockey and lacrosse. Lacrosse was a big deal in her household. Her brother was also a player in high school.

Anisa would take her lacrosse skills with her to college. Upon graduation, the burgeoning star matriculated at the University of Alberta. She would earn income by bartending and teaching lacrosse, all while studying for an art degree. In 2014, Anisa earned a Bachelor of Education in Fine and Studio Arts. 

Anisa Johma’s Rise to Fame 

Anisa Johma launched her YouTube page on March 18, 2015. Her first video wasn’t released until September 13, 2017. The video was called Why I left Islam. As of February 2021, it has over 581,000 views. 

Around the same time, Anisa also started streaming on Twitch. At the time, she played under the handle of Raihnbowkidz. Her favorite game to play was League of Legends. 

Originally, she got a lot of flak for being what she described as a “boobie streamer.” While men enjoyed watching, other girls would throw her some shade. 

The rude comments would get to Anisa. She got upset and shared the comments with her mother. Maureen then became a chat moderator for Anisa’s streams and vlogs. 

Anisa didn’t let the negativity get to her. You can still see her favorite assets on full display on her January 15, 2021 Twitch stream

Anisa Johma’s Boyfriend

Anisa Johma has been dating Ian Carter, also known as iDubbbz, since 2011. They have been going together strong ever since. 

They attended a Twitch Con in San Diego separately. During the visit, she decided to book an extra day. She was playing on her phone in the hotel and noticed iDubbbz was continuously tweeting. 

Anisa would retweet the gaming star, begging him to cure her boredom. He picked her up, and the twosome went for tacos. They stayed up for hours, talking. 

When she went back to Edmonton, they remained in constant contact. She couldn’t bear to be away from him. So, she moved to Los Angeles, California, to be with him. 

Anisa Johma Rumors and Controversies

Anisa was caught under fire in 2019 when she launched her official OnlyFans account at Annie Jay. When it launched, she self-described the channel as “lewd.” 

The star bears it all in tiered subscriptions. She also offers a lot of cosplay content. 

Many people were outraged by her career choice. Anti-Anisa trolls would try to get Twitch to ban her account. 

They even tagged iDubbbz on Twitter, calling him a “simp” for dating an OnlyFans star. 

iDubbbz is a huge defender of Anisa. He tweeted out an angry response, even saying that he supports sex workers. Looking at these pics, we support them, too…especially if they look like Anisa Johma!

The iDubbbz video rubbed a lot of people wrong. Most notably, Ricegum released a video called Content Cop. This video was a diss track where he dragged iDubbbz. Anisa stood by her man in many deleted posts. 

Leafy also came out of content creation retirement to also weigh-in on the drama. A few months later, Leafy would also make a video calling out Pokimane, shaming her for some of her more revealing content. Anisa was annoyed but kept quiet. 

YouTube had enough of Leafy’s mean videos. So, they terminated his account. People started questioning if YouTube was violating Leafy’s freedom of speech. 

This angered Anisa. She immediately jumped to YouTube’s defense, saying Leafy deserved the ban. 

The star tweeted:

“I’m convinced people who cry freedom of speech when some one gets fired/terminated has never worked a real job in their life.”

Leafy has not returned to YouTube. So, it looks like score 1 for Anisa and iDubbbz!

Other Notable Facts About Anisa Johma

Her relationship with her father has been hot and cold. However, they have grown closer over the years. Their fences really began mending when her father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. 

In June 2019, her father went missing. She sent out an impassioned tweet that it was raining in Edmonton and her family needed help finding him. After seven hours, he was found and returned home.

Since then, she has spent more time in Canada than at home in Los Angeles with her boo. That’s caused many to believe her and iDubbbz broke up. However, the hottie insists they’re still going strong. However, if they break up, we’re sure Anisa won’t be alone for too long. There are plenty of eligible bachelors in the land of the Famousss that would do anything to be her OnlyFan!

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