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Angie Varona – Famousss.com Angie Varona – Famousss.com

Angie Varona model

Angeline Varona

Also known as

Angie Varona



Birth Place

Miami, Florida

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This 28-year-old vixen from Miami is one of the hottest social media models out there. Angelina Varona, better known to her 2.9 million followers on her @angievarona Instagram account, came into the spotlight when one of her nudes leaked in 2007. This brown-haired, brown-eyed beauty’s fiery personality captures the imaginations of millions around the globe. With her banging body and business savvy, Angie Varona is a force to be reckoned with in the world of the Famousss.

Angie Varona’ Net Worth

Beauty pays off, especially when you are Angie Varona. Angie Varona’s net worth is an impressive $400,000. 

Most of her money is made through endorsements. She has an Instagram following of 2.9 million and counting. That is prime target marketing for many companies. 

People like to showcase their goods on her finest assets. Check out this post where she’s rocking a beer and a string bikini courtesy of the brands, CaladeMarIxtapa and Itsy Bitsy Swimwear.

Bang Energy is another one of her main sponsors. She likes to work out in bikinis while using resistance bands in the sun and drinking Bang Energy. 

While Angie can be provocative on Instagram, she needs to hold back due to terms and conditions. So, she lets her real freak fly on her OnlyFans.

Angie Varona runs really good sales, sometimes up to 80% off. You can get a month for as low as $3.00 sometimes. 

Additionally, Angie is gaining attention on TikTok. The @angievaronaofficial TikTok account has 584,000 followers and counting. 

Many of her TikToks involve working out. They’re a lot more motivational than her Instagram content. She also shows more of her true personality. People love seeing her be happy, including the day she got her new puppy!

She also works with Clover. This dating site is like Tinder but it leans more towards casual chatting. Clover is a legitimate dating site. However, they employ models like Angie to help gain attention to it. She does chat with people. You can watch her in scantily-clad clothes, essentially having a Cameo session with you. 

Angie Varona’s Family and Early Life

Angeline Varona was born on April 25, 1993. This Taurus was born and raised in Miami, Florida, by a proud and boisterous Catholic family. 

Her parents are Juan Varona and Maria Varona. She also has a brother named Christian. She even starred in the Christian Varona music video called SURF’S UP. It was released on the official Varona Family YouTube channel that has 6,500 followers and counting. 

As a kid, Angie Varona attended John A Ferguson Senior High School. She was an average student. However, the future star was undeniably popular. 

People reveled in her beauty and wanted to be her friend. This early acceptance made a transition into the Famousss spotlight a little easier for this brown-hair, brown-eyed star-in-the-making. 

Angie Varona’s Rise to Fame

Angie Varona struggled for years trying to find her place in this world. After graduating from John A Ferguson Senior High School, Angeline Varona matriculated at St John. 

Once she completed her prerequisites and required courses, the star transferred over to Miami Dade College. Here, she performed pre-law studies. 

Next, she would finish her academic career at Florida International University. The bronzed beauty would graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

Graduating was exhausting. As you can see, Angie moved around a lot. Nothing she was doing was calling to her. Sure, she had a kickass degree in law. However, she had no desire to put it to good use. 

Then, a scandal broke out. Angie’s private photos surfaced on the internet in 2007. Initially, she uploaded these nudes to a private album on Photobucket. Around this time, Photobucket had a severe data breach. Passwords were stolen, accounts were hacked, and pictures were wiped from the database. 

At the time, she was only 14-years-old. That should have been enough to stop people from looking. However, her pics got shared in multiple chat rooms, and they made the rounds on slideshows for porn sites.

At first, the future star was mortified. She was young, and no girl deserves this type of attention. However, she put it all in the past when she became an adult. Then, she realized that you can still find the pics on the internet. This realization made the star extremely nervous.

As she remembers, Angie was poised to enter this competitive, male-dominated field. Yet, there were naked pictures of her that you could easily Google.

Eventually, she gave in the idea of being an internet sex symbol. She was now old enough to reclaim this narrative. 

Angie got into modeling. She would do swimwear shoots and reveal her bare breasts. Eventually, she got comfortable in her own skin. Her Instagram account flourished, and endorsement opportunities started rolling in. She now commands up to $3,390-$5,650 per Instagram post. 

Angie Varona’s Relationships

We’ve run it up the flagpole a time or two, imagining what it is like to be with Angie Varona. However, a few guys have actually had the honor. 

One of her exes is Rick Arrendondo. He is a Producer. They had a working relationship and started mixing business with pleasure. However, their love fizzled out. 

Before you try to swoop in, Angie Varona is not single. She is currently dating Juan Pablo Inguanzo. He once owned a company called LoafLife. 

Juan Pablo Inguanzo and Angie Varona started dating in 2017. 

Angie Varona’s Rumors and Controversies

The Photobucket incident was very damaging to Angie Varona. She endured a lot of ridicule from students. That’s why she moved around to so many schools. The incessant bullying gave her severe mental health issues. 

Additionally, Angie was slut-shamed. People called her a sex symbol. Yet, she was only 14. Thankfully, she persevered. She shows her skin on her own authority and makes bank on it!

Other Notable Facts About Angie Varona

Angie Varona’s @angievarona Twitter account has 360,000 followers and following. She uses this platform to help show off her personality and sell her brand image. One of her most popular tweets is a cosplay of Lara Croft of Tomb Raider. This fantasy drives her male followers wild! 

One of her best friends is Isabella Buscemi. The two do a lot of TikToks together on both Angie’s account and Isabella’s @isabellabuscemi TikTok account. Don’t miss the two of them posing to “Pose” in matching pink bikinis!

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