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Andy Reginald Dinh Team SoloMid

Andy Dinh

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Andy Dinh (Born: April 19, 1992) is a retired gamer known to the League of Legends fan base as Reginald. Since then, he has grown to become the manager of perhaps the most successful League of Legends eSports team, Team SoloMid.

Andy Dinh Early Beginnings

Andy was born in San Jose, California. He has a brother who also became famous in League of Legends circles, Dan Dinh. The Dinh brothers have parents who are Vietnamese immigrants.

Andy and his brother attended Westmont High Shcool in Campbell, California. He did okay in studies. However, he and his brother were captivated by video games. This love for gaming would eventually turn Andy down a path towards a very lucrative career. 

Andy Dinh Plays League of Legends

Andy didn’t know he was destined for great things when he started playing League of Legends. However, he was ahead of the curve. He and his brother had the privilege of gaining early access to the game, testing it out on a Closed Beta in 2008. 

Even in its infancy, people knew Andy was going to be a big star in the gaming world. People were amazed by how quickly he caught onto the concepts. 

With Dan, Andy started the first competitive team for League of Legends. They went by the name of All or Nothing. 

Andy Dinh LaunchesTeam SoloMid Website 

In 2009, League of Legends was still in Closed Beta mode. However, Andy knew this game was going to be a smashing success. He had the foresight to be the innovator in covering this game. 

Getting in on the ground level allowed Andy to get a hand up on potential competitors when it came to covering this eSport. So, he would be able to create content as the expert source on the game. 

The All or Nothing star began his Team SoloMid website. It covered the latest updates to the Closed Beta system and gave people exclusive teasers about upcoming gameplay features. However, this website would also serve as the platform that would launch the top League of Legends eSports team of all-time. 

Andy Dinh Starts Team SoloMid

By the end of 2010, there was a bit of brotherly rivalry going on. This caused All or Nothing to become nothing. In turn, Andy transformed his League of Legends website into a recruitment system to join viable forces.

Reginald created Team SoloMid. He pulled triple duty for the operation. Andy would serve as the team’s Captain, mid laner, and founder. All of this hard work would pay off. 

Team SoloMid Wins Tournaments

The team entered the League of Legends World Championships Season 1 in 2011. They took home third place, earning a cool $10,000. 

Team SoloMid would continue their winning ways in following tournaments. The group would grab the second place winnings at the Intel Extreme Masters Season VI. 

Continuing their upwards trajectory, the group would then enter the Major League Gaming’s Providence Tournament. Here, the talented bunch would finally win their first gold prize. Team SoloMid came in first for what be many more times in the eSports league’s illustrious history.

Andy Dinh Makes Changes to Team SoloMid for League of Legends Season 2

If we learned one thing from the dissolution in All or Nothing, Andy Dinh is not one to back down from doing what he believes is best for his team. If he was to cut ties with his own flesh and blood, he would most certainly do the same with another gamer. This would be the case as League of Legends Season 2 kicked off. 

Prior to the sophomore season of the popular game, Team SoloMid would clash with Moscow 5 at the Intel Extreme Masters. These events took place in Kiev and Hanover. 

Many members of Team SoloMid suffered personal losses and losses as a group to the Russian team. It was time for Andy as the manager to make some strategic but difficult changes.

These discussions would result in a clashing of heads with Christian “The Rain Man” Kahmann. The Rain Man got flooded by a tsunami of emotions and decided to resign from the group. 

Being an ever-sharp leader, Reginald quickly appointed Marcus “Dyrus” Hill as The Rain Man’s replacement. It was a convenient decision to make. After all, Dyrus already lived in the Team SoloMid house. 

Team SoloMid Winning Streak 

The next few years would prove very successful for Team SoloMid. All of the drama was in the past. People were settling into their roles. The group was operating with an act of synergy with Reginald at the helm. 

They entered and crushed many tournaments. Team SoloMid would place first at the North American Regionals. This victory advanced to the group to the coveted RiotGames Season 2 World Championship. 

Dinh and crew went down in a 2-0 defeat to Azubu Frost. This loss placed them in 5th to 8th place. However, Team SoloMid still left with $75,000 in victories. 

Reginald Retires from Gaming 

Some athletes will stick around in their respective sport far past their welcome. eSports stars can become that way, too. Reginald began fearing that he was becoming a parody of himself.

These fears were furthered drilled into his head when Team SoloMid got lambasted at the IGN Pro League Season 5 tournament. The heavily favorited group placed 9th to 12th place, bringing home a mere $1,500.

This loss was devastating for Team SoloMid. A lot of fingers were pointed. However, there was no doubt that something had to change. As the leader, Reginald stepped down. 

He finished up the 2013 season. Since then, Reginald has made some brief appearances. Reginald entered the 2014 NA LCS Spring Split as a substitute mid laner in Week 7. He was playing for Bjergesen. The star returned to Denmark to renew his United States work visa. 

Reginald Legacy 

While he is retired, Reginald is still very active in the gaming industry. He passes his knowledge on to Team SoloMid, as they are registered to compete in the North American League of Legends Championship Series.

Reginald is just 1 of 19 eSports stars to enter three world championships. His tournament play and lasting legacy as owner and manager of Team SoloMid makes Andy “Reginald” Dinh one of the most popular League of Legends players of all-time.

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