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This brown-haired, brown-eyed Taurus fitness instructor can whip up to shape any day. Welcome to the World of the Famousss, Ana Cheri. Born Ana Cherikova Garcia, this internet sensation is married to Ben Moreland, but we’re still drooling over this 5’7″ beauty, as the 12.5 million followers of her official @anacheri Instagram account. Now that the Ana Cheri OnlyFans is live, we’re expecting those followers to increase even more! 

Ana Cheri’s Net Worth 

Ana Cheri is no stranger to making bank. She’s been working hard flaunting her body for almost a decade straight. That’s why the net worth of Ana Cheri is $3,000,000. However, we expect that number to creep up even more as she settles into her role among the Famousss. 

Most of Ana Cheri’s money comes from being a fitness model. She has done plenty of work for many big-named agencies that can command top dollar for high-quality brands. 

You may have seen Ana Cheri collaborate with:

  • Monster Energy
  • Fashion Nova
  • K&N Filters
  • Ultimate Armwrestling League
  • Moskova Underwear
  • And More

Through this success, Ana Cheri started to work on her empire. The star founded Cheri Fit, which markets athletic wear. They specialize in seamless leggings that also provide a lift for the booty. We can just imagine other bootylicious Famousss stars, like Kayleigh SwensonLana Rhoades, and Julia Rose rocking these hot numbers. 

She also sells merchandise through You can buy autographed copies of past issues of Playboy with Ana Cheri on the cover. The star also has T-shirts and other memorabilia.

As she grows her brand, Ana Cheri is starting to spread her outreach through TikTok. The @anacheri TikTok has 201.1k followers, with 507.2k likes as of August 2021. 

She also has a highly successful YouTube page. The Ana Cheri YouTube channel has 88,000 subscribers. Her content varies from promotional content like Fashion Nova style guides to makeup tutorials to traveling. 

Additionally, Ana Cheri recently launched her OnlyFans page. She did this after Instagram kept complaining that her pictures were too revealing on her @anacheri Instagram account with 12.5 million followers. Now, her OnlyFans has 922k subscribers willing to pay for exclusive pics of this hot star. 

Ana Cheri’s Early Life & Family 

Ana Cheri was born in Anaheim, California, on May 16, 1986. This 35-year-old smoke show grew up in California, living in the Golden State her entire life. 

Not too much is known about her upbringing, other than she is a mix of Latina and Caucasian descent. 

Ana Cheri’s Rise to Fame 

Ana Cheri always wanted to be a model. She auditioned a lot in her teen years. She worked hard and in 2015, landed her first big gig with Muscle and Fitness. 

Her spread caught the eye of Playboy producers. Ana Cheri would break out as the covergirl of the October 2015 Playboy.  

From there, Ana Cheri tried to capitalize on her newfound fame to transition into film. She got a bit role in the short-lived sketch comedy show, Nuclear Family, getting a spot in one episode in 2016. 

Drawn to the camera, Ana linked back up with the Playboy crew to star in an episode of Playmate Playback. Now bit by the TV bug, Ana wanted to create her own show. 

In 2017, she tried launching the television series Ana Cheri’s Booty Boot Camp. However, this venture was sadly short-lived. 

While her gigs weren’t lasting long, Ana was never out of work and always remained in the public eye. She even nabbed herself a spotlight as the Maxim Girl of the Week.

This exposure gave companies the confidence to start investing in this budding star. First, the company Shredz linked up with Ana Cheri. Shredz has also found success with fellow Famousss alum Paige Hathaway

With her face getting plastered everywhere, Ana grew a following. That’s when she teamed up with Want My Look to create her own clothing line. They started with Cheri Swim. 

While she loved the adventure, swimming is only seasonal. She wanted to do a year-round fashion line. Ana envisioned sports bras, yoga pants, and a high-low tank. 

As her love for fashion grew, it coincided with the star’s dedication to fitness. That’s why she merged the two to create the Cheri Fit lifestyle brand. 

Ana Cheri’s Relationships

Ana Cheri is married to Ben Moreland. He is a fitness model and instructor. The two started dating in 2006. They got married in 2011. Ben Moreland and Ana Cheri have been married for 10 years and look to keep on that track!

The two have ultimate couples goals. They would like to start their own gym. 

Ana Cheri has an autoimmune disease that might lead to a miscarriage. So, she might not be able to have a child. She’s also on a steroid for this disease. This extra testosterone will make it harder to conceive. The couple is open to adopting one day. However, they are concentrating on vacations and keeping their businesses successful. 

Ana Cheri’s Rumors & Controversies 

Ana Cheri has been accused of having breast implants, liposuction, and a booty lift. While she hasn’t confirmed or denied this rumor, Ana Cheri does say she always had a curvy body. So, the jury is out still out on this one!

Other Notable Facts About Ana Cheri 

Ana Cheri eats a mostly vegan diet. She does eat eggs, but most of her foods are strictly vegetarian. 

She gets stressed very often, so Ana Cheri likes to meditate to keep centered. Ana is also a huge proponent of good sleep. 

Ana Cheri has ulcerative colitis and has had an active flare for over a year. She’s been on six medications to keep it under control. 

Ana Cheri has a grayish cat known as Flapjack.

Ana Cheri is very grateful for her time at Playboy. However, she thinks it’s a goal she’s done already and doesn’t want to do it again. She already accomplished this goal and wants to look ahead. 

Plus, Ana says the Playboy of today is nothing like when she posed in 2015. Since the business model has changed so much, it no longer resonates with her. However, she does support the brand and will always love it. 

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