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This mommy-of-three is a MILF we’d like to get to know better. Alyssa Alberts is a TikTok star and YouTube mastermind behind The Fluellen Fam channel. She is a 5’9″ star with brains and beauty. People love watching her grow her family, give health tips, and dance awkwardly to sings like “SexyBack.” If Alyssa Alberts is involved, we’re not sure this 29-year-star brought SexyBack. It was probably already here. That’s why Alyssa Alberts is featured among the Famousss.

Alyssa Alberts’ Net Worth

Alyssa Alberts of The Fluellen Fam is just starting to gain momentum as a social media celebrity. Currently, Alyssa Alberts’ net worth is $50,000. However, we expect that number to rise as 2021 comes to an end. She is growing demand, picking up endorsements and ad revenues left and right. 

Alyssa Alberts’ @alyssaaalberts Instagram page has 88,000 followers. Most of her content is repurposed off her highly successful @fluellenfam TikTok account. This page has 1.5 million followers and almost 60 million likes total, as of June 2021. 

Her average TikTok video generates around 2 million views each. She attributes this success to creating content that would land on her on the “For You” page. 

As Alyssa Alberts explains in the video, HOW I GAINED 50 THOUSAND FOLLOWERS ON TIK TOK IN ONLY ONE MONTH,

“If you’re not on the ‘For You’ page, your video is just not going to be that successful.”

As a TikTok influencer, Alyssa has started ringing in some serious endorsement deals. 

Alyssa Alberts partners with:

Alyssa started supplementing her TikTok content to create more long-form videos. That caused her to create The Fluellen Fam YouTube channel.

This channel has 6.72k subscribers. She posts weekly, sometimes twice per week. Her videos average around 4,000 views each, which qualifies Alyssa and fam for a little kickback from YouTube ad revenue. 

Alyssa Alberts’ Family & Early Life

Alyssa Alberts was born on December 10, 1992, in Victorville, California. We don’t know much about her parents. Her mom is still alive, and they are close to this day, as evidenced in the Starbucks prank that Alyssa played on her mom in a TikTok video. 

She was a very active child growing up and really got into sports. The future mom of the Fluellen Fam was a big volleyball player.

Alyssa Alberts played volleyball as she attended Sultana High School. She would attend Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa. Alyssa would be a member of the NWC Raiders. She played Outsider Hitter and wore the #13 jersey. 

Alyssa Alberts graduated when she was seven months pregnant. The star would pass her boards two weeks postpartum.

Alyssa Alberts went to school for prenatal nursing. She wanted to be a labor and delivery nurse. That was a wise decision for Alyssa, considering the career path she went on. 

Alyssa Alberts’ Rise to Fame

Alyssa Alberts always had a strong desire to raise a family. She used her educational background and fertile body to create a very successful social media family — The Fluellen Fam.

She began her journey with TikToks about her life as a mom. Everyone really enjoyed her light take on the exhaustion that comes with motherhood.

Alyssa Alberts really credits her success to data. She downloaded the TikTok Pro account and really started paying attention to her demographics. Alyssa knew she had a loyal fan base in fellow mothers. 

The star would use these stats to determine the best times to post content and to see which type of content was hitting with audiences the best.

Alyssa Alberts really became a big star when she had her third baby. Many witnessed the day Alyssa told her husband they were expecting their third child. 

We also went with them on the journey as they decided not to know their gender until the baby was born. In addition, Alyssa decided to have this baby without any meds and documented the entire journey. 

Raw and Unmedicated Birth Vlog. Surprise Gender! is by far the most popular video on The Fluellen Fam YouTube channel, with 462,000 views to date. 

Alyssa Alberts’ Relationships

Alyssa Alberts is a good girl through and through. She hasn’t had any scandalous relationships to date. 

Currently, Alyssa Alberts is married to her true love, and they have three adorable children: Emmet, Harper, and Hayden. We don’t know Alyssa Alberts’ husband’s name. However, he is featured regularly in almost all of her content.  

The two got married in Lake Tahoe. They took a seven-hour road trip with their children to celebrate the occasion. The road trip and wedding is heavily documented in the video WEDDING VLOG IN LAKE TAHOE.

They are very proud to be an interracial couple, creating unique content around these struggles. 

In one TikTok caption, Alyssa wrote:

“Thank you all for 700k!! 😱🙏🏻😭❤️ #anotheronebitesthedust #interracialcouple #familyoffive #familyfun #700kfans #thankyouguyssomuch”

They really love the attention and positivity they are spreading. We love watching her, too!

Alyssa Alberts’ Rumors & Controversies

Rumors and controversies about Alyssa Alberts have nothing to do with her. It’s all about the insecurities of other people. 

Alyssa Alberts admits that there has been some pushback on raising an interracial family. However, she takes it in stride. 

One person wrote to her,

“Yikes! He’s already starting to look black. Thought it would hold off for at least another year.”

Her family took the person named “kkkennedy” to task, saying that the racism in TikTok is “astronomical.” 

She has also been accused of child abuse in a completely unfounded allegation. Alyssa Alberts address this in a TikTok video, explaining,

“@itsyourstruly..cksgirl hate is one thing but this takes it to a whole different unacceptable level.”

She asked the girl to watch what she says and not escalate things to such a large proportion. 

Other Notable Facts About Alyssa Alberts

As a nurse, Alyssa understands what delivery nurses go through. So, she created a care package to show her appreciation to the nurses that helped with each pregnancy. 

Alyssa has a great relationship with her mother-in-law. In one video, she said that she told her mother-in-law that she was pregnant. Her mother-in-law said that she knew because she noticed on Alyssa’s wedding day. However, Alyssa wasn’t pregnant yet!

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