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Alejandro Rosario

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West Paterson, New Jersey

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Alejandro Rosario is a TikTok star with brown eyes and short brown hair. He was born on January 14, 2003. That makes this comedic TikTok stat barely 18 years-old. While he is still very young, Alejandro is blowing up all over the internet. Girls are charmed by his good looks and outgoing personality. That’s why he already has over 5.5 million fans on his @alejandrorosario TikTok account!

Alejandro Rosario’s Net Worth 

While Alejandro Rosario launched his YouTube page in 2015, he didn’t blow up until he got on TikTok. Interest in Alejandro Rosario’s content blew up by the end of 2019, with 2020 being his biggest earner to date. 

Currently, Alejandro Rosario’s net worth is $250,000. This money comes from being a TikTok content creator. He is frequently sponsored by TikTok, which pushes his content to the forefront. As a result, more people see his videos, which brings up his asking price. 

Although TikTok is Alejandro’s bread and butter, he does have other outlets for revenue. Currently, Alejandro has a Merch Shop. It is available at Creator’s Closet

Alejandro Rosario’s Creator’s Closet catalog contains a T-shirt and a couple of hoodies. They all have his insignia, which is a rose. One of the shirts also features his catchphrase, “Das it.”

His shop is still growing, so it’s not his only form of income. Alejandro Rosario is also on Cameo. He will do shout-outs to your friends and family using his comedic timing and your personalized message. 

Alejandro Rosario’s Cameo Page currently boasts 4.5 stars. It has a lot of positive reviews, with people saying that he went above and beyond for the videos he created. 

Alejandro Rosario’s Early Life and Family 

Alejandro Rosario was born on January 14, 2003, in West Paterson, New Jersey. The Rosario family follows a Catholic-based faith. Their religion is extremely important to the family, as it’s been a part of their culture for generations. To this day, the family remains active in the church community, even though Alejandro Rosario is Famousss.

Alejandro Roasario’s mother’s name is Adriana. We don’t currently know the name of Alejandro Rosario’s father. 

He seemed to have left the picture pretty early on in Alejandro’s life. Although, Alejandro has posted a picture or two of them together on Instagram over the last couple of years. 

His family is of Costa Rican and Dominican heritage. Soccer (football) is extremely important to these cultures. These sports were deeply engrained in Alejandro’s childhood. 

Therefore, he started soccer as a kid. While he went through high school, Alejandro Rosario played soccer competitively. He still plays for Passaic Valley High School as he finishes his high school career. 

Additionally, Alejandro Rosario has a younger brother. His name is Emiliano Rosario. You can catch Emiliano sitting in his car seat and telling Alejandro that his butt stinks in this TikTok video

Alejandro Rosario’s Rise to Fame 

Like many teenagers, Alejandro Rosario started his YouTube account to watch others create funny content. He opened his account on February 22, 2015. However, he wouldn’t upload videos until 2019.

In 2017, Alejandro started posting on Instagram and creating videos on Instagram Live. By the end of the year, TikTok started gaining popularity. 

Alejandro opened his TikTok Account as @alejandriorosario on October 5, 2019. His first TikTok video now barely has over one million views. That’s nowhere near the almost five million he gets per video today!

It took a while for his TikTok to catch on. He was just flirting with one million views for months, almost never breaking this big milestone. His first breakout video was actually a fight on his school bus

A couple of kids got into a heated argument and threw beverages and baby powder at each other. You can hear Alejandro laughing incessantly in the background. 

After this peak in viewers, his numbers started to dwindle again. Alejandro Rosario was having a challenging time keeping a steady stream of viewers. However, he was insistent on becoming a household name. Therefore, Alejandro Rosario started coming out with content every day, multiple times per day. 

This persistence paid off. His content was catching on, and the high volume of videos was starting to gain traction with TikTok. Within six months, he became a featured content creator. 

Alejandro Rosario’s Personal Life 

Currently, Alejandro Rosario isn’t in a relationship. He just turned 18 and is finishing up high school. He is concentrating on his friends, getting an education, and growing his content. 

That doesn’t mean Alejandro isn’t trying to set some thirst traps out there! With his six-pack abs, Alejandro creates a lot of shirtless content. You can see him lip-synch to Eye.Lips.Face by Lil Wayne in front of a shower curtain without a shirt on. 

Alejandro takes it a step further by showing his “body-ody-ody-ody” off in a collage of pac-tacular pics to the tune of “Body” by Mehan Thee Stallion

He’s not just about the abs, either. Alejandro is also thicc. He showed off his assets in a store, squeezing his cheeks in pajamas to Kujo Freestyle.

Alejandro Rosario Rumors and Controversies 

Alejandro Rosario comes from a good Catholic family. They work hard to keep out of the drama. Rosario spends his time playing sports and creating videos. While he does have a crew, he doesn’t get into trouble like Bryce Hall and The Hype House. 

Other Notable Facts About Alejandro Rosario 

Alejandro Rosario is doing what a lot of other TikTok creators are doing; he’s teaming up with like-minded people. Since blowing up on the social media site, Alejandro Rosario started a content creation group known as the Lollipop Boys.

Members of the Lolipop Boys include:

  • Alvaro Romero
  • Mattia Polibio
  • Kairi Consentino
  • Roshavn Diahbr

While a lot of their videos are lip-synchs, the group is trying to create a sense of community. They started ramping up their challenge content. Many of their followers are eager to partake in these challenges and tag these content creators to get their own 15 seconds of fame. 

Of the bunch, Alejandro is particularly close to Matta Polibio. The two create a lot of content together. In fact, Mattia is the person responsible for Alejandro getting on TikTok in the first place!

While he doesn’t have a Twitch, Alejandro did participate in State Farm’s Play Alone Together on Twitch at the start of the pandemic.

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