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Alda Yunlvita – Famousss.com Alda Yunlvita – Famousss.com

Alda Yunalvita

Alda Yunlvita

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Surabaya, Indonesia

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This star is already an icon in Indonesia, but now the 24-year-old model is set to take over America. Alda Yunalvita is a businesswoman turned model, and this brown-haired, brown-eyed star is quickly adapting to a life of vlogging. The @aldayunalvita Instagram account has 43.8k followers who are dying to see where this 5’7″ Famousss star ends up. We’ll be sure to check out the official Alda Yunalvita YouTube page to stay in the know. 

Alda Yunalvita’s Net Worth

Alda Yunalvita is a huge star in her hometown of Surabaya, Indonesia. While she has made it big there, she has yet to break through completely in America. So, right now, Alda Yunalvita’s net worth is $250,000. So, she’s living like a queen in her home. 

Most of Alda Yunalvita’s income comes from modeling. She is currently repped by Studio47. You can find her getting glammed out on this Instagram post.

Alda does a lot of travel vlogs, where she documents her journey on social media. She tags the designers she wears or the artists who did her makeup. Sometimes, she gets paid to tag herself at a location, like getting treats at Pierre Herme. 

Alda Yunalvita’s Family & Early Life

Alda Yunalvita was born on June 2, 1997 in Surabaya, Indonesia. Not much is known about Alda Yunalvita’s family and early childhood. However, Alda Yunalvita is the youngest of three siblings. 

Plus, both of her parents are entrepeneurs. While her mother owns a furniture business, it is not known what Alda Yunalvita’s father does. 

However, she got into modeling in her early teenage years. She admits her mother had a lot to do with it. The star would win many pageants and became sort of a local icon. 

Alda recalled,

“I just really got into modeling when I was at the Detection Model Competition. I am required to not only look beautiful, but also smart.” 

Alda considered modeling as a full-time career by the age of 16. However, she knew that she needed a fallback plan. 

With much press coverage, Alda enrolled in college in 2015. She attended Ciputra University in East Java, Indonesia. 

As Alda Yunalvita told the Ciputra University press,

“I’ve closed my eyes. My goal is different, I want to be an entrepreneur. So I immediately knew I had to enter Ciputra University.”

The star would earn a degree in International Business Management. That was a very smart move for an entrepreneur who is about to set the United States on fire. 

Being an entrepreneur was something that was ingrained in Alda. She would help her mother run her furniture business. This hard work was a wake-up call to the star. Alda didn’t want to work as hard. She wanted to be Famousss.

Alda Yunalvita’s Rise to Fame

Alda Yunalvita has always been on a steady rise to fame. Her life has been a slow but fun grind. 

She always knew what she wanted to accomplish. Alda was always giving advice to friends about clothes and makeup.

As she once told the press,

“If you see a friend or sister wearing clothes that don’t match the location of the destination, they get fussy, basically they have to change.”

Alda Yunalvita was known for winning local costume contests, known as 2 Cak and Ning Surabaya. The star’s first victory was in 2015. It automatically propelled her into the local limelight, and Alda hasn’t left it since. 

As her following grew on Instagram, Alda Yunalvita started to gain popularity in the United States. Once she knew she dominated Indonesia, Alda packed up and headed stateside. 

She fell in love with New York, and decided to stay in the country. Now, she’s traveling around. As of October 2021, Alda Yunalvita was spending time in Charleston, South Carolina. 

Alda Yunalvita’s Relationships

Alda Yunalvita is a true smokeshow. Anyone would be happy to date this 24-year-old Indonesian star. However, Alda Yunalivta is married to Joffrey Yunalvita.

Joffrey is definitely older than Alda by many years. However, we can’t confirm his age. 

Alda and Joffrey Yunalvita met in Singapore. Joffrey was buying reclaimed teak for his import business in the United States. Alda was helping her uncle sell reclaimed teak in Singapore from a factory in Jogjakarta.

Immediately, Joff was taken away by Alda’s beauty and poise. He would walk around to different booths to keep looking at her. Eventually, Joff noticed she didn’t have a wedding ring on, and decided to shoot his shot.

The rest is history. Joffery and Alda Yunalvita had a very lavish wedding on January 6, 2020 in Bali. 

Alda Yunalvita’s Rumors and Controversies

Many people accuse Alda of marrying Joff for a sugar daddy to help her make it to the United States. Alda scoffs those rumors off. 

This Famousss star posted on her Instagram,

“Mata tidak akan berbohong… I only have eyes on you, my forever safe place ❤️”

So, take that haters. 

Other Notable Facts About Alda Yunalvita

Believe it or not, Alda grew up a bit of a tomboy. Once she realized that wasn’t the right look for her, she felt it was her duty to save others. 

As Alda once explained how she almost missed a birthday party because a friend wasn’t up to snuff,

“There is a very tomboyish friend, at the birthday dinner, er style is very ordinary. Finally borrowed clothes, make-up too. Even though I’m late for the event, I’m satisfied when I see the make-over looks good.”

She also gives her sister crap for wearing shirts and flip-flops to the mall. Alda believes there are too many people there to be looking ratchet. 

Championships won by Alda Yunalvita include:

  • Pioneer Student
  • Traffic Ambassador
  • Cak and Ning

The star also had a hosting gig on SCTV, a local Indonesian channel. She also became an official ambassador for her hometown in Surabaya. People traveling to the area would get special tours with her as a guide if they chose that option.

Alda is a huge foodie. For a while, she was considering making content surrounding food reviews and recipes. While she might share a smoothie story once in a while, it seems like her travel-related content is taking up most of the star’s time.

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