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Alahna Ly – Famousss.com Alahna Ly – Famousss.com

Alahna Ly

Alahna Ly

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Royal Oak, Michigan, USA

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This Instagram star has started a music career that seems to be picking up. Alahna Ly is a brown-haired, brown-eyed beauty that has serious Ariana Grande vibes. This 4’10” star has sunkissed skin and deep dimples that tantalize boys all over the globe. Born in Royal Oak, Michigan, this 21-year-old influencer always dreamed of a life of the Famousss. Alahna Ly has arrived, and there’s no going back. 

Alahna Ly’s Net Worth

Alahna Ly is a self-made entrepreneur with a net worth of $400,000. She earns her money by hustling on her @alahnaly Instagram account. Her popular social media page has over 1,400,000 followers and counting! 

Most people like her feed because Alahana is always rocking a cute bikini. Many of her bikini pics involve an over-the-shoulder butt shot as she snaps a pic in the mirror in front of her. 

The @alahna_ly TikTok page is really popular. She is a featured artist on this popular social media platform due to the fact that her videos total over 1,600,000 likes!

Ly’s TikTok account has 167,000 followers, which grow by the thousands daily. The Asian American likes to shake her booty to Latin music, which often confuses people. We’ll talk about that during Alahna Ly’s rumors and controversies. In the meantime, watch Alahna Ly shake her butt to “Ay Vamos” by J Balvin – Mannyher in a popular TikTok video 

Her YouTube channel has 5,080 subscribers. She uses this page to release her music videos. Helluva Night came out on February 29, 2020, and has over 8,500 views as of April 2021. 

With the success of Helluva Night, Alahna Ly released the audio to WHY (Audio) Ft. YJ The Author. This song has seen a lot more success. It has over 12,000 views in just four months.

Alahna Ly’s Family & Early Life

Alahna Ly was born on March 11, 2000, in Royal Oak, Michigan. This Pisces was shy growing up. She stayed to herself, not really letting anybody in on the talent hiding inside. 

Alahna did partake in dancing during her school years. Her family supported her at a young age. 

Not much is known about her parents. They are of Asian descent. It did take them a while to get used to Alahna Ly’s sexual posts and provocative dancing style.

It is believed that Alahna Ly has a younger sister. However, there is no information known about her. 

Alahna Ly’s Rise to Fame

This 21-year-old musician and dancer has been doing her grind for a long time running now. Like many other Famousss stars, such as Piper RockelleLoren Grey, and Bryce Hall, Alahna Ly cut her teeth on Musical.ly.

She opened her Spotify page in 2016. It has 130 monthly listeners. 

In 2016, Alahna Ly collaborated with Campaign Veir. They released the song “Hot,” which has over 11,000 spins to date. 

Her next track was in 2018. It was called “Talk About.” “Talk About” also features R100. This track has done half the listens, around 5,500 as of April 2021. 

Her newest song, “Helluva Night” is getting the best traction on her Spotify. She almost has 8,000 listens. That means she’s going to surpass the song she released five years ago rather quickly!

While “Helluva Night” is her biggest hit, she also has another hot song called “Why.” For some reason, “Why” is not available on the official Alahna Ly Spotify page

You can find “Why” on the Alahna Ly SoundCloud. It currently has over 65,000 plays! 

Her SoundCloud gives her serious clout. The star’s most popular song on this platform is called “Summertime (Feat. KYNGS).” This 2018 song has almost 80,000 listens to date. 

Alahna Ly’s Relationships

Alahna Ly is currently single. She likes to show off her hot body and fun attitude. So, she’s definitely going to be a catch for someone. 

Many believe she is not a virgin. She sounds extremely vulnerable in her cover of Drake’s “Marvin’s Room.”

Extremely vulnerable, the star sang,

“After a while, girl, they all seem the same. I’ve had sex four times this week, I’ll explain. Having a hard time adjusting to fame.”

Right now, Alahna is doing her. Might we add, she’s doing great!

Alahna Ly’s Rumors and Controversies 

Alana Ly has been put under fire due to her love for Hispanic music. Her love for Selena is well-documented. 

The picture was captioned,

“One of my biggest inspirations🌹❤ #angel

She likes to dance to it on TikTok all the time. Plus, many of her songs have a Latin flair. 

On July 28, 2020, she posted a teaser on her Instagram for an upcoming song called “Bailando.” 

One person wrote, 

“I wonder if she had to learn her parts in Spanish being that she is not Hispanic.. I think she is Persian and Asian. Still extremely talented.”

That wasn’t the first time Alahna Ly has been accused of being a Latin wannabe. 

One person posted on Alahna Ly’s last Selena tribute,

“Everytime I see a Selena picture it’s annoying.”

We feel like it won’t be the last time Alahna Ly gets criticized. However, she shouldn’t let these critics change her musical preferences or influences!

Other Notable Facts About Alahna Ly

Alahna Ly loves Riahnna. She did a really vulnerable tribute to “Stay Ft. Mikky Ekko.” 

Before the pandemic, Alahna loved to travel. One of her favorite places is Belize. On April 9, 2017, she posted a beautiful pic of crystal clear water. 

The caption read,

“I miss belize🍒😢”

We would love to take you to Belize, Alahna Ly! 

Alahna Ly used to have two Instagram accounts. Her other account was called @iamalahnaly. She used to tag this account from her @alahnaly account. Mostly, these cross-posts would happen on Wednesdays

The Alahna Ly Reddit page is a great resource for diehard Alahna Ly fans. It currently has 32,000 subscribers and counting. 

You can also check her out on Twitter @alahna_ly_. She has 44,5000 followers on Twitter. Most of her tweets are about wrestling. She is a fan of WWE women’s wrestlers, especially Carmella, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch. However, she doesn’t seem to show much love to fellow Famousss wrestling stars, CJ “Lana” Perry and Thea Trinidad. We’d love to see all of them wrestle. 

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