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Henrik Ahnberg (born 19 December 1990 [Age: 28]) is a former competitive eSports player, who now has a widely successful  Twitch page. Many who follow Henrik’s career know this Swedish video game player as Admiral Bulldog. He is a master at Dota and influencer for gaming chairs. Admiral Bulldog makes most of his money through partnered content on Twitch, sales of merchandise through his online store, and for advertising and shilling gaming products for manufacturers.

Admiral Bulldog Early Beginnings 

Video games were always a part of Henrik’s life. The Swedish star was introduced to gaming at a very young age. That’s because his family was also into playing video games. This notion was especially true of his two sisters. Since everyone was so close in age, playing video games was a gender-neutral activity that would bring the whole fam together.

Being such a tight-knit group, these bonding activities served Henrik well. It gave him countless hours of experience he would use later in life to provide for his family (and two dogs). While he didn’t know it way back then, the entire Ahnberg clan were preparing the future star for his future career.

While they played a variety of games, Admiral Bulldog’s world would become transformed around the age of fifteen. That was when his family started to get into Dota. Around 2005, the Ahnberg household began playing the game as a unit. Eventually, Admiral Bulldog was sucked in. He dedicated hours to honing his craft, in hopes of becoming one of the best Dota players. Little did he know he was on his way.

In 2005, competitive video game playing was still in its infancy. Admiral Bulldog didn’t realize the full potential of being so invested into such a game so early. However, his love for Dota was about to project him into a new phase of his life…one that would prove to be extremely fruitful for the Swedish star.

Admiral Bulldog and Dota Competitive Gaming

Henrik’s transition to the top of the Dota world was a slow one. He first started off playing competitively in pubs against other patrons. Initially, these were just friendly pick-up games. However, Henrik’s win column started to explode. That’s when he came to the realization that there was money to be made in playing Dota competitively. So, the star decided to up the ante, playing for much friendlier wagers.

Ahnberg would play Dota for seven years, mastering his craft. Finally, the eSports erupted as the first decade of the 2000s came to a close. With a ton of momentum behind him, Admiral Bulldog decided to take on the challenge and enter the eSports world professionally.

Admiral Bulldog Teams Competitive Sports 

As he entered the unknown world of eSports, Admiral Bulldog bought into the theory of “strength in numbers.” Almost immediately after diving into the professional waters, Admiral Bulldog aligned himself with teams who were already established. The first to scoop up the budding gaming star was a local Swedish team. On November 9, 2012, the rookie partnered with No Tidehunter.

In his initial partnership with his new tribe, Ahnberg and company put on an impressive outing. They teamed up to defeat Team Empire in a best of three-game series. Unfortunately for No Tidehunter, this wasn’t enough to seal the deal for their victory…or thwart off the dreams of Team Empire. Team Empire still ended up reigning supreme in the competition, edging out a victory in the TPL III League.

The Alliance Acquires Admiral Bulldog and No Tidehunter

Employing a secret weapon such as Admiral Bulldog, No Tidehunter was starting to prove themselves as a force to be reckoned with. The tandem saw a number of breakthrough victories for their franchise.

On the losing end of matchups against No Tidehunter were impressive groups in the world of Dota, including:

  • Team Liquid
  • Evil Geniuses
  • Natus Vincere
  • Fnatic

In just seven months, No Tidehunter would earn nine tournament victories. In less than a year after joining the tandem, Admiral Bulldog and company were offered a lucrative deal that they couldn’t turn down. They were acquired by the Alliance, officially becoming members of the squad on April 12, 2013.

Admiral Bulldog Retires from The Alliance 

With Admiral Bulldog in their clutches, The Alliance hit the ground running. The tandem earned six victories in a row in tournament play. One of the most impressive feats was a victory in The International 3.

The Alliance was riding on cloud nine and a lot of this jubilation centered around Admiral Bulldog. However, you are only as good as the rest of your team. Just one year after setting the world on fire at The International 3, the group hit a downward spiral. They embarrassingly placed 11 in The International 4.

Following that tough defeat, the group ended up in 8th place just months later. After the stunning loss during the XMG Captains Draft 2.0, Admiral Bulldog decided a change in scenery was necessary. He withdrew himself from The Alliance. Furthermore, Henrik left competitive sports. Instead, he turned toward streaming on Twitch full-time.

Admiral Bulldog Twitch Page

Admiral Bulldog amassed quite a bit of followers during his time with The Alliance. Naturally, they followed him over to the Twitch platform. Having such a huge following made the streamer’s page a no-brainer for advertisers. Namely, he gets a nice chunk from GG.Bet for online gaming gambling. In addition, he is an ambassador for DX Racer gaming chairs.

Currently, Admiral Bulldog streams Thursday through Saturday. Depending on how he feels and the interactions going on in his chat, the star will stream anywhere from four to nine hours at a time. You can usually catch him starting his day at 08:15 UTC.

While Admiral Bulldog was enjoying having time off from the pressures that surround competitive gaming, he still got the itch to compete. The star entered one tournament with Team Tinker. However, he insisted this would be a one-time endeavor. Little did he know, an offer he couldn’t refuse was just sitting around the corner.

Admiral Bulldog Returns to The Alliance 

Like many gamers who believe the grass is greener on the other side, Admiral Bulldog ended up reuniting with the franchise that brought him the most notoriety. In 2015, he partnered up with The Alliance yet again.

Admiral Bulldog and The Alliance partnered with each other for I-League Season 3. While they didn’t recapture the glory of days past, they had a more respectable showing than the last time they entered a tournament. This go-around, the tandem ended up in 5th place.

Determined to regain their past success, Admiral Bulldog and company qualified for the WCA 2015 Europe Open Qualifiers. The group nabbed the first place slot. This was The Alliance’s first gold medal since the inaugural DreamLeague season.

Admiral Bulldog Goes Solo

With momentum on his side, Admiral Bulldog entered the StarLadder i-League StarSeries. He pulled out an excellent victory on January 17, 2016. With The International coming and going in 2016, it was time for some roster changes. The biggest change saw The Alliance and Admiral Bulldog part ways once again.

While leaving a team is a tough pill to swallow, Admiral Bulldog handled it well. In fact, he bounced back with a nomination for a 2017 Esports Industry Award. Although he didn’t win, it was a big honor for Admiral Bulldog to be nominated for Streamer of the Year.

Admiral Bulldog Broadcasting Gigs Controversy

Currently, Admiral Bulldog spends a majority of his time streaming on his Twitch channel. He is open to entering a tournament that entices him. Otherwise, he is looking to extend his brand. One of the most influential ways he is achieving this feat is by taking on hosting gigs.

With eSports being covered by the mainstream media, the opportunity for hosting gigs is bigger than ever. Naturally, Twitch would turn toward the Twitchverse for people to emcee these events. After all, these are the personalities that captivate the audiences in the first place. Plus, they have firsthand knowledge of the product. Lastly, they spend hours upon hours every day streaming themselves. They are more than camera-ready. Naturally, Admiral Bulldog has been cherry-picked for some of these hosting gigs.

Just one year after parting ways with The Alliance during the post-International break, Admiral Bulldog returned to the International Tournament. Except, this time he was an analyst. Admiral Bulldog joined the team for The International 2017. Unfortunately, the plan wasn’t executed to perfection.

As a citizen from Sweden, Henrik needed to obtain a visa to work in America. When he flew to the event, the star landed in Seattle, Washington. Unfortunately for Henrik, he was stopped in customs. The proper paperwork wasn’t put in place and Ahnberg was denied access to the country. He immediately flew back to Sweden.

Looking to right the wrong, The International invited the star back again in 2018. Again, he was to act as an analyst for the highly-anticipated event. Once again, Henrik was unable to fulfill his duties. The Swedish superstar didn’t file the necessary paperwork on time. Therefore, he was able to make the trip. At least this time he didn’t land in Seattle to receive the bad news.

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